Wow! This room is so huge! I wish mum could see this! An’ Mia would’ve gone bonkers o’er this! ” an ecstatic Ruth exclaimed, as they reached their hotel room in L.A. “Ya know, a good wife would help her husband with the bags! ” a panting Jack requested, struggling with their heavy luggage. “An’ a good husband wouldn’t complain. Or at least let a bell-boy do the work for im! ” witty Ruth shot back, before collapsing lazily onto the bed. “Ya know those blokes ask for tips an’ right now, I don’t have much on me.” he reminded, finally pushing the bags into the closet. “Sooo comfy! Ya should check this out, love! ” she offered, patting the empty space beside her on the mattress. “I know o’ a much better spot! ” he exclaimed saucily, pouncing on top of her and pinning her down gently. “Ouch! Yer gonna be the death of me!” she joked, trying to free herself, unsuccessfully. He chuckled, before planting a kiss on her neck. “I hope ya become a huge star…..’coz then, we can afford a mattress like this! ” she whispered to him, while running her fingers through his ruffly hair. “Please tell me yer not thinkin o’ runnin off with a mattress salesman! ” he joked, receiving a playful smack to his head from her. “Ya shouldn’t have done that….” he muttered in a serious tone, lowering his eyes at her. She widened her eyes as she realized her mistake. “Oh…no….” she squealed. “You’ve angered….the Tickler!” he exclaimed teasingly, before lighting up and tickling her and eliciting uncontrollable laughter from her!


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