“Well, that was an affordable wedding, wasn’t it? ” the new bride asked her beloved husband, linking her arm round his as they strolled through the park, interacting with the guests. He nodded in response. “Cousin Beth’s even gifted us a trip to Bradford to spend our honeymoon at a caravan park.” she revealed, excited by the idea of a humble, cheap honeymoon. “Aah….Caravans, I love those! ” he remarked, sarcastically. “I was thinkin we’d spend it in L.A., though…” he began, as a mysterious smile spread across his face. “L.A.? Los Angeles? Why? That’s rather expensive, love.” she asked, showing signs of uncertainty. “The producers are gonna cover everythin, love. Remember the audition tape I sent o’er? ” he replied. “Yea? ” she asked, as a smile gradually formed on her face as she eagerly waited for what’s to come. “They loved it! They thought I’d be perfect for the part!  They phoned an’ said they’d put us up at a fancy place till the  shoot’s done.” he recounted,excitedly. “Us? ” she asked in surprise. “Aye! I’m gonna be o’er there shootin for a year, tops. An’ I know yer gonna miss me, stayin ere all by yerself….So, yer comin with! ” he explained. “Love…I’m so happy for you! This is gonna be a fun trip! ” she exclaimed, lighting up, as she wrapped her arms around him to give him a peck. “Aye! An’ yer gonna be seein me in action soon! ” he boasted.

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