Just married!

“Do ya, Ruth Clara Richards, take this man to be yer lawfully wedded husband? ” Fr. Maurice asked. “I do.” Ruth replied, smiling up at Jack and giving his hand a friendly squeeze. “An’ do ya, Jack Albert O’Donnell, take this woman to be yer lawfully wedded wife? ” he asked, turning towards Jack. “No,I do not! ” the serious-looking groom replied, taking their friends and family who’ve gathered in the park for the special occasion by surprise! “What?! ” a heartbroken Ruth exclaimed, glaring at him. “Gotcha! Of course,I do! Till death do us part, love!” a beaming Jack exclaimed, letting out a little laugh at his joke. “Oh! Thank god!” Ruth whispered, heaving a sigh of relief. “Ya folks actually believed it, didntcha? It’s called actin! ” he revealed to the astounded guests, flashing them a toothy grin. “Ya almost gave my dad a heart attack! ” Ruth scolded him. “I’ve a baptism to get to, ya 2. If yer done playin around, could ya just exchange rings an’ kiss the bride already? ” the impatient priest reminded. “Done…” the amused bride muttered, placing the ring on his finger. “…An’ done! ” he muttered cheerfully, before leaning in to kiss her, amid cheers and music from the local school band.

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