I’m so gr8ful to have so many lovely people readin my stuff. This is my latest offerin to y’all, my dearies. Hope y’all like romance:):

Dedicated to the late Anton Yelchin, an actor who was so full o’ talent an’ was taken away too soon.

Cast members:
David Tennant as Jack O’Donnell AKA Jack Murphy
Jenna Coleman as Ruth O’Donnell
Lea Seydoux as Ana L’leon
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Michelle Archers AKA Mitch
Kathleen Rose Perkins as Jodie Myers
Topher Grace as Warren Grace
Ian Mckellen as Mr. Art Hooper
Ken Stott as Fr. Maurice
Cameo by John Stamos as Miller Montesco

Cover page

“I can’t believe yer marryin Jack O’Donnell! ” Ruth’s best friend, Mia Harper exclaimed in disbelief, catching up with her. “Why? What’s wrong with im? ” Ruth asked, quickly adjusting her borrowed gown and touching up her makeup. “He’s so nerdy an’ he’s always wearing silly costumes.” Mia replied. “He’s cute an’ he’s preparin to become an actor. That’s his lifelong dream, Mia.” she defended. “Is that why he’s…” her friend began to ask. “Ramblin on about movies an’ bringin up movie trivia all the time? Right on the mark, Mia! ” a voice interrupted her. “Wow! Ya really can pull off a tuxedo! ” she remarked, staring at the lanky actor wannabe in amazement. “Aye, I’m actually in line to be the next James Bond! ” he joked, before leaning in to kiss Ruth, the bride-to-be. “An’ I’d be delighted to be the next Bond girl! But, right now, we’re late for our wedding, love! ” a blushing Ruth reminded. “Just a final touch….” he whispered, pulling out a blossom which he’d safely tucked away in his pocket, before placing it in her hair. “Perfect.” he whispered charmingly, before pulling her closer. “Save somethin for the wedding, lovebirds! We promised Fr. Maurice that we’d meet im in the park at five, remember? ” the annoying friend reminded, interrupting the young couple’s romantic moment.


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