This is the final chapter. Dev borem korun (That means thank you in Konkani,btw) for reading an’ liking. Appreciate it:) Here’s lookin at the real-life issues plaguing Goa which served as inspiration for this story:

Losing our villages to illegal development
RIP Fr. Bismarque
Deathtraps...oops! I meant, 'roads'

Uzo lai tuje immortalitik! ” (To hell with your immortality!) ,his wife scoffed, when Will narrated his experience to her later that night. “Immortal, mortal, nonsense! All I care is that you pick up a mortel (hammer) & fix that stupid sink of ours, like I told you to! ” she muttered, before pulling the covers over herself. He pondered over his futuristic journey, while his sceptic wife snored away. He began planning another journey….& this time, he wouldn’t be scared away by any mob! He intended to make the future a better place for his children & for every Goan! Sure, it would be difficult, but he was a determined old soul! With this in mind, he fell asleep.



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