As soon as they stepped out, they were mobbed by the protestors Matt was talking about! “Give us back our land! ” they protested, charging at Matt & Will with sticks & sickles. Terrified, father & son staggered back. Matt lost his balance & fell on his back, hitting his head on the step & was knocked out. The crowd engulfed him. On seeing the angry crowd, Fortessima & Guia/Gia cried for help. A shuddering Will gripped the railing with fright & steadied himself, as the angry mob inched closer to him now, leaving behind the bloodied corpse of his son lying on the steps. He pushed back against the mysterious chair, stumbled & slumped into it, unknowingly setting it in motion!
As soon as the rocking motion slowed down, he planted his feet firmly onto the tiled floor of the verandah, bringing the time-travelling chair to a stop. He found himself gazing at a more peaceful scenery, at his serene old village. “Papa, are you ok? You seem dazed & confused.” his spiky-haired son asked, offering him a cup of coffee. Will heaved a sigh of relief. “Everything’s ok, my son! ” he replied, with a smile. “What a chair, eh? ” Matt asked, with a wink, before strutting back inside coolly. Will nodded in agreement & followed his mysteriously smiling son inside.


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