Dedicated to every honest person who fights against corruption an’ refuses to take a bribe (there may not be many such people out there, but we should salute such a person who’d rather take a bullet than a bribe)👏

“Yes. When she’s not my P.A, of course! She’s a brilliant multi-tasker.” Matt praised, stepping out after changing into a crisp white kurta & unripped, clean jeans. His usually spiky hair was now oily & combed back & he wore a political party badge on his collar. “Yes,I can see that she is.” Will agreed sarcastically, referring to his daughter’s ability to converse & text at the same time! “So, P.A, eh? When did you join politics? ” he asked Matt, in disbelief. “Ever since I found out that it pays more! I quit my old job on the cruise ship & joined politics. You were there when I switched careers. I can’t believe you don’t remember! Seriously, papa, you need to stop your daydreaming. And while you’re at it, I’ll make sure you join a gym. Your suit will tear if you stretch it over your potbelly any further! After all, it’s not immortal like us, no? ” Matt explained, before laughing at his own joke. His mother & sister joined in the laughter. “Come. I’ll show you my new bungalow. I built it after demolishing the tribal people’s huts. They were pretty angry at being displaced & protested along with that crazy local priest/activist, Fr. Lobo. But,I don’t give a damn about them! ” Matt boasted, in a corrupt tone. Will was shocked. This wasn’t the Goa he knew & nor was this man his son!

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