This chapter’ll teach ya a valuable lesson:
Don’t underestimate the power o’ the millennials! 😁

“What about them? They’re my latest inventions, of course! I created them after the terrible heat wave of 2017, which was soon followed by a drought caused due to the rapid deforestation. These special, air-conditioned suits keep us cool, hydrated & protect us from the harmful rays. Now that the ozone layer’s almost gone, they’re our only hope! ” she replied, pulling the hood of her jumpsuit over her face. “Gia’s also working on hover-vans which’ll save us all if the land’s washed away by soil erosion! ” a proud Fortessima boasted, patting her back. “That’s all good & all, but why do you pronounce her name as Gia? ” he asked. “Because, that is my name, papa. I changed it to a more cool sounding name! D’you like it? ” Guia (sorry, Gia! ) replied, with a proud grin. “Suits to make you feel cool & names to make you sound cool?! What is the world coming to?! I christened you after Our Lady of Guia & you changed it?! ” a horrified Will (who was also very pious) scolded her. “Papa, it also sounds better as my stage name. I’m a D.J.,nah? ” she revealed. “You’re a D.J?! ” he asked, surprised at her choice of career.


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