A Valentine’s day gift for all my lovely readers an’ fellow bloggers. P.S. No-one disturb me 2day, cuz imma be spendin this spl day with a lonely fella…called The Doctor! 😘


Anyway, let’s get on with the story. Allonsy! :

He stormed inside, only to find all 3 members of his family dressed in similar jumpsuits. “Have you painted the walls yet? How many times must I ask you to, huh?! Look at what the smoke & fumes have done to your precious white-washed walls! ” Will’s unchanged wife complained. He ignored her & stared at the calender behind her. 2026 it read! “Had I traveled 10 years into the future?! But, how had my village undergone such disastrous changes in only 10 years?! ” he thought, finding it hard to digest. He rushed into the bathroom & gazed at his own reflection in the mirror for hours. The same, old wrinkled face stared back at him. Not a single salt & pepper lock of hair had fallen off. His children & wife hadn’t aged either. Guia was still a pimple-faced teen, Fortessima was still a fat, arthritic, old lady & Matt was still a slim, handsome 27 year old with spiky hair. His thoughts were yet again disrupted by Fortessima’s shouts from the doorway. “Get over it, you narcissistic old fool! Your sixty year old face is a miracle of those Immortality Pills that the government’s Immortality Scheme provided to everyone! ” she explained, as if reading his thoughts. He needed answers. But not from his loud wife, whose shrill voice could shatter glass! “Immortality Scheme, papa! How forgetful you’ve gotten! It was introduced by the government of Goa after their plans to repair the potholes on the roads failed & when their swanky, yet unsafe skyscrapers began to fall & claim lives! After the last fatality João uncle conked off in a bike accident last year, the government decided to take a shortcut & employed scientists to research on immortality & come up with pills that could inhibit aging & death! ” his surprisingly clever daughter explained later, texting away at the same time! “João uncle died?! ” Will exclaimed, shocked by the news of their sacristan’s death! “But, what’s the deal with these jumpsuits? ” he enquired, after recovering from the shock.

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