He was no longer gazing dreamily at his scenic village. Somehow, all the coconut trees had been replaced by skyscrapers that brought back memories of Will’s recent trip to crowded Mumbai. Emanuel’s tavern was thankfully still in one piece! But, the lush green fields had been replaced by a brand new, grand airport! Jets took off & landed, where once upon a time, farmers harvested paddy & grew pumpkins & melons! He looked out at a crowded street with more vehicles than people & breathed in more smoke than salty air! He watched as a confused senior citizen scrambled around with a hammock. “Stupid government! Had to classify coconut trees as a grass & cut them all down to fulfill their dream of building a concrete jungle! Where am I s’possed to hang my hammock from now? ” he mumbled, before hurrying away in disappointment.  Will felt suffocated. Not only because of the pollution, but because he’d just realised that the shirt & trousers that he’d been wearing had somehow been replaced by a tight, sleek, blue jumpsuit, like the one he’d recently seen in some sci-fi movie! He grew frightened & remembered his son’s story about the chair. He’d been thinking about Goa’s future before this time-travel occurred. Had his thoughts fuelled this? Had his beloved volter (rocking chair in Konkani) somehow transported him into another era, probably the future & somehow altered his clothes during the journey? Or had the neighborhood kids knocked him out with a strong kick of their football? His thoughts were shattered by Fortessima’s shouts from the house.


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