I am on a sci-fi spree! đŸ˜‰
This story is based in Goa. I’ve combined my love for Doctor Who 💙, Mother Nature 💚 and for my Goa 🌴 to come up with this story that’s dedicated to every proud Goan, both living/working in our beautiful state as well as abroad. Our motherland’s provided us with a whole lotta environmental an’ cultural wealth an’ it’s time for us to contribute back to her. We ought to quit with the pollution an’ corruption if we wanna protect our beloved Earth for our future generations. Hope y’all enjoy readin this as much as I’ve enjoyed writin it with all my heart an’ soul. P.S. Story might be peppered with words in my mother tongue, Konkani (so y’all get to learn a few words in my language too😇) There won’t be a language barrier though, since I’ve provided their translations in brackets. Also published on Feedbooks, here:

Cover page

Chapter 1
Mr. Wilhelmino Ribeiro relaxed in his new rocking chair in the verandah of his house. Calmly gazing at the swaying coconut trees,waving at the passersby returning from church & the local fisherwoman & bakers on their rounds,selling their wares, while also breathing in the fresh, salty air & doing/gazing at other stuff which one wouldn’t find/do in Goan cities & only in a few scenic villages like Wilhelmino’s beautiful village. His comfy rocking chair (which the just retired sexagenarian had managed to get out of his attic) in his airy verandah was the only place where he could quietly gather his thoughts, away from his wife, Fortessima’s scoldings/complaints that he wasn’t helping her enough around the house & his teenage daughter, Guia’s constant gossiping. It was a Christmas gift from his sailor son, Matthew who’d bought it from a mystic land on one of his voyages. Will hadn’t caught the name of this mystic land. It was drowned out by Fortessima’s complaint that Matt had probably partied & gambled away the rest of his salary & that he was a good-for-nothing who could only afford to buy a measly rocking chair for his beloved papa!


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