Matt, who was a science enthusiast & collected sci-fi books & movies on his travels (& who’d have been a scientist, had it not been for the Ribeiros’ lack of money. Money to bribe the education system, of course! ) had enthusiastically explained to Will that this particular rocking chair was actually a time machine which could transform the user’s thoughts into time travel fuel….or something like that! Will didn’t believe him, of course & his enthusiasm was further dampened by Fortessima scolding his ears off for making up stories, blaming it on his binge watching of Dotor Konn (as she called the popular show Doctor Who in Konkani ,her mother tongue which she never strayed from! ), while Guia thought that the stars & mystic beings carved into the ancient chair made it resemble a prop from one of her fav. pop star’s music videos! Will pondered over all this & more ,as he rocked back & forth, back & forth, back & forth in his newfound place of solace. Suddenly, he stopped, amazed at the sudden change that had taken place in his surroundings!

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