The journey ends on a happy note!

Back home
Fortunately, Deirdre eventually did come to her senses and all was forgiven when she decided to check herself into therapy. “I’m probably gonna be covered in scars from head to toe, eh, love?” he joked, checking on his shoulder wound which had healed up nicely, before proceeding to take the heavy suitcase from his pregnant wife. “At least, my face is unharmed… ” he quipped…before walking right into the glass wall of the time machine. “Until that happened! That’s gonna leave a scar! ” he muttered, scowling in pain as she examined his face for damage. Matt suppressed an amused chuckle on seeing his brother’s bruised nose, eliciting a glare from Alice.
“Well, my work at the lab’s done, so won’t be needin this anymore.” Kelly whispered, handing over the key of her mini-lab to Dr. Wartenberg. “All set! ” a panting Martin interrupted, letting out a yell once he’d loaded their bags in the time machine. “I can’t believe you’re leavin so soon…an’ taking him with you! ” a tearful Alice wished they didn’t have to leave for Klomino so soon. “Well, I don’t quite fit in here really. I miss my ol home so much. An’ it’s so much more peaceful an’ safer for the baby there….an’ I’ve already spent a whole lotta bloody money on buildin us a perfect paradise, haven’t I, love? ” she explained, giving his arm a squeeze as she looked up lovingly at him. “Yup! As for me, the baby possibly can’t grow up with a father, can it? ” he agreed. “Well, I just hope yer not gonna miss the birth o’ our first born.” Matt reminded. “Oh, please…! She’d forget before I did! Ya know, she’s rather absent minded when she’s nose deep in her Sciency Wiency stuff at the lab! ” he teased, referring to his work-minded sister-in-law who stuck out her tongue at him on hearing him! “Am not! ” she retorted. “Are too! ” he continued to tease. “Am not! ” she continued to disagree. ” Are too, times infinity! ” he added, finally putting an end to (An’ winning!) their childish argument! “Well, I’m glad to be rid o’ im! He was rather useless! ” the grumpy Dr. Wartenberg spoke his mind. “I’m gonna miss ya the most, doc…uh, I mean, dad. Boy, I’m never gonna get used to that! ” she whispered, hugging the teary old man. “I’m gonna miss ya too, dad! ” an ecstatic Martin chimed in, cutting into the father-daughter hug. “I’m not yer dad! ” he muttered as he was pulled into a bone-crushing hug, his voice muffled as his face was half-buried in his son-in-law’s jacket. “I beg to differ, dad! ” Martin exclaimed in a mischievous tone, unable to contain his happiness as he pulled back to flash him a toothy smile, thus eliciting a weak smile from his elderly father-in-law. “…An’ soon to be grandad! ” Kelly reminded, looking on in a pleased manner.”What bout ol Warty ere? ” Matt enquired, holding up their cat which struggled to free itself from his grip by swiping its claws in the air (it still hadn’t taken a shine to his brother!) “Almost forgot bout im. He’ll be the first time travellin cat, eh? ” Martin joked, letting the purring creature into the time machine and chuckling as it made itself comfy atop one of the suitcases. “Catch ya later, folks! ” Martin bade farewell, before proceeding to kiss his blushing wife. Matt, Alice and Dr. Wartenberg waved at the smooching newly weds as they set off for their new home.

The end

A/N: I’m currently working on a third book titled It’s a Wibbly Wobbly vacation which I haven’t posted on ere yet, since it’s currently a work in progress on wattpad. I hope y’all enjoyed reading this an’ thanx for stickin around an’ readin an’ for the likes an’ comments. Much appreciated! 🙂 I’ll be back with another sci-fi story soon (it’s titled Danger, Danger Will Ribeiro) which I’d written on wattpad last year as a tribute to my beautiful state, Goa. 🌴



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