Fortunately, everyone was unhurt….Well, except for poor Martin! But, will all these occurrences bring about any major changes in their life? Ya won’t find out unless ya read on! 😁

Cameo by Brendan Gleeson as Major Richmond
“I told ya I’d never hurt ya.” the future Martin whispered stepping up to his unconscious ex wife . His past self had been careful enough to drive the sword blade through her sleeve, pinning her against the wall instead of harming her, although the shock of it all had caused her to faint. They began their journey back to the time machine with her once they’d pulled the sword out and temporarily stopped the bleeding from Martin’s shoulder by wrapping a handkerchief around it . “Wow! Now I’ve seen an’ heard everythin! ” the past Martin exclaimed in disbelief after hearing their story and on seeing the time machine for himself. “It’s beautiful, innit? ” a beaming Kelly boasted. “Not as beautiful as ya though! ” he replied, flashing her his signature charming smile as he spoke. Unable to control himself, the past Martin gave Kelly a bone crushing hug. ” I saved ya. Yer alive, all cuz o’ me! I’ve dreamt o’ the day I’d hold ya in my arms, love. Be happy, kay? ” he whispered, before planting a kiss on her forehead as she smiled brightly at him. “I am happy, Martin.” she whispered assuringly, caressing his face with a hand as she spoke. ” So, what’re ya gonna do with er? Probably send er to jail, right? Or have er locked up in the loony bin? ” he asked, glancing hesitantly at the knocked out woman in his future self’s arms. “I dunno. I don’t think I’m callin the coppers or havin er locked up though. I’ve hurt the poor girl enough. Lord knows what either o’ those things could do to er. For now, I think it’s best we got er back home to recover, eh? I just hope she comes to er senses soon. ” he replied, feeling sorry for her before beckoning to Kelly to join him in the time machine as they realized it was getting late and decided to head home before she came to. “But….She tried to murder ya! Oh, well….people from the future are weird! I can’t believe I survive the future! ” he muttered jokingly, watching in amazement as they took off in the glass clock. He saw Kelly waving at him through the glass and waved back. She sighed in contentment as her future husband planted a kiss on top of her head as the time machine took them back home.
“There ya are, lad! I thought I’d told ya to wait for me in my cabin.” Martin turned on seeing Major Richmond hobble towards him. “Aye. Matt told me ya were plannin on talkin to me bout my problems. But, ya know what, Major? Think I’m gonna be just fine! ” the young man assured, deciding to pick up the pieces of his life. “Really? ” the old Major exclaimed in surprise on hearing him. “Yup! I’m gonna battle these demons, cuz I’m sure I’ve got a brilliant future ahead o’ me….an’ I’m not gonna miss out on it! ” Martin declared, flashing him a toothy grin. “Well, bloody good on ya, lad! I’m relieved to see ya bounce back, ya know? Now, that’s what I call progress! ” Major Richmond praised, patting his back proudly. Bathed in the light of the setting sun, the two men walked back to the barracks, chatting and laughing along the way.

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