A lesson in bonds/relationships between siblings and brotherly love:

A heart to heart in the barracks

Sharing his grief with his understanding brother

“Ya almost put the squadron in danger up there again with yer drunk shenanigans.” they heard Matt reprimand.”It wasn’t my fault. My squadron should’ve been better prepared. The enemy surely was prepped an’ at the ready.” Martin came up with an excuse to clear his name.”Ya know what? I’m startin to think yer the real enemy ere, mate. Ya pose a great threat to everyone in this condition, mate. Ya need help, Martin. In fact, Major Richmond wants to have a talk with ya.” Matt interrupted. ” Well, I don’t wanna talk to im.” the young pilot muttered, pouting in a childlike manner before sucking at his cigarette again. “Good ol stubborn me! ” the future Martin reminisced, letting out a chuckle that would’ve given away their hiding place had it not been for a stern poke from Kelly in order to silence him! “Well, I don’t care! I just don’t want ya to get court martialed, kay? Besides,ya need to get o’er er, mate…” his younger brother snapped, fed up with his stubbornness and genuinely concerned about him. “Easy for ya to say, eh?! Yer not the one who was engaged to er! Yer not the one who loved er, who wanted to make all er dreams come true, who wanted a family with er, who wanted to grow ol with er…!! ” the troubled man sputtered, before breaking down in his brother’s arms. “I…I understand…but, you’ve gotta understand, there’s lives at stake ere. They’re gonna kick ya out for rash behaviour. An’ I can’t really let ya fly in this condition. It’s too much o’ a risk.” Matt advised, sitting on the edge of the bed as he embraced and consoled his heartbroken brother who’d buried his face into his chest and was sobbing uncontrollably. “I’ve gotta go, mate. Listen…when yer all sorted out ere, go meet im, kay? It’s for yer own good, mate. ” Matt whispered, deciding to take his leave once his brother had calmed down a bit. Seeing the young pilot in shambles made Kelly’s heart ache. She looked up at the man she loved standing beside her, feeling his hurt and sorrow as she noticed him attempting to control his own emotions on seeing his former self. She wiped away the tear that rolled down his cheek, brought on by the sight of his former self’s emotional breakdown.


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