The couple escapes death by gunfire, but now, someone else’s life hangs in the balance!

Saving Martin
“Oh…geez…I don’t see er anywhere….Where d’you think she is? ” he muttered, peeking from their hiding place. “Who’re ya talkin to? Who’s she? Shouldn’t ya be up there with the lads, captain? ” a fellow comrade asked, staring at him in a clueless manner. “Uh…aye….I was just,uh, searchin for one o’ my female pilots. It’s not just the lads, mate.” he replied in a soldierly manner, thinking quickly. His eyes meanwhile quickly darted about worryingly in search of Kelly who’d all of a sudden gone missing from his side as he’d been pondering over Deirdre’s whereabouts. “Right, yeah. Didn’t take ya for a feminist though. Ya must be extra drunk today, eh?” his friend teased, snapping him back to reality. An impatient Martin ignored the chatty man, instead looking around for Kelly. “Wow! You’ve really let yourself go since her death, haven’t ya? Sorry for bringin it up, but looks like ya haven’t shaved in a while, really let that ugly stubble grow out, been drinking like a fish….bloody hell, ya even look older! Alright then, I’ve gotta go. Catch ya later…an’ keep that drinkin under control, eh, mate? ” his chatty friend advised teasingly, feeling sorry for him as he patted him on the back comfortingly before taking his leave to fight alongside his fellow soldiers. “Don’t mind him…I think the stubble suits ya. Makes ya look ruggedly handsome! ” he heard her familiar soothing voice exclaim. He turned to see her appear as soon as he’d left. “Where were ya? I was worried she might’ve…” he began to ask, heaving a sigh of relief and hugging her. “I was looking out for her too. I didn’t find her…but, I saw you…well, your past version. Seemed kinda upset. I saw him hurry in there. Matt followed behind. ” she pointed to the barracks. “You saw me? The past me? What if she saw me too…the past me, I mean. What if Deirdre saw me? D’you know what that’d mean? ” he exclaimed in horror. “What? ” she asked, cluelessly. “What if she saw the past me an’ went after im? In er crazed state, she’s out for blood an’ is determined to kill me off. So, if she eliminates past me, it’s hasta la vista to future me as well! ” he explained hurriedly, as she listened frightfully. “Let’s go save yer arse then! C’mon! ” she declared, grabbing his arm as they lost no time in running and sneaking into the barracks. The room was dimly lit and empty, except for the presence of the two brothers. They hid behind the trunks which held the soldiers’ belongings and watched as the other Martin slumped onto his bed and lit a fag. He looked up at Matt who stood by the bed with his arms crossed across his chest. His younger brother spoke, his voice taking on a serious tone, one of brotherly love. But, Martin pretended to be ignorant of his visibly concerned brother’s presence, rolling his eyes at the advice that was being dished out by him in order to get the young man to mend his ways.

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