A witty Martin tries to give her the slip!

Ending up at the wrong place
“One last thing- I want you to take me to the exact date….the day you were cloned. No questions now, chop-chop! ” she added with yet another sly smile. Her secretive manner and snarly tone sent chills down Kelly’s spine, so she kept quiet for the rest of the journey, occasionally glancing nervously at Martin who put on a brave face and lovingly clasped her clammy hand in order to comfort her.
Ahh…now that we’re finally here, I can get on with my plan! ” Deirdre exclaimed slyly, as they finally landed. “Your plan?! What plan…? ” Kelly asked, horrified by her revelation. “Ya didn’t think I wanted a tour of your birthplace, did you? No, my naive girl… I wanted to see your clone for myself, so I could finish it off once and for all. To ensure that ya never entered my Martin’s life again! Now, where’s this cloning facility that everyone’s been braggin bout….Geez! What was that?! ” a pleased Deirdre revealed, only to be cut short by an explosion that rocked the ground and caused the glass walls to rattle around them. “Wait a min….this can’t be…this looks like a battlefield. Where are we?!  Why’d you bring me here? ” she asked Kelly in a clueless manner, forcing the couple out of the machine before looking around at the rising smoke, bullets and grenades flying about  and soldiers rushing about or driving around in tanks. “She didn’t. I did.” Martin replied on behalf of his equally clueless girlfriend who looked up at him in surprise. “I couldn’t let er anywhere near our special place…not when I knew she had somethin up er sleeve, somethin stirrin in that crazed mind o’ ers. That sly look on er face gave it away. This was the first place that popped into my mind. It was a long shot, but it worked an’ we arrived ere instead o’ Klomino. Sorry to foil yer plan, lass!” he continued, flashing her a wicked grin when he’d finished speaking. Deirdre was silent for a while, before a look of betrayal appeared on her face and she raised her gun, preparing to pull the trigger. “I was plannin on killin the woman who stole my darlin hubby from me….but, I think I’ll also finish off the man who betrayed me twice! You broke my heart, but I forgave you, Martin….but, now, you’ve forced me to change my mind….goodbye, sweetheart! ” she growled, as she aimed the gun at him. Suddenly, a grenade hit the bunker next to them, causing an explosion that was  louder and more powerful than the first one. It shook the ground and engulfed the trio in a cloud of dust and smoke. The couple fell to the ground, while Deirdre toppled over into an empty bunker. “Now, I know why you chose to bring us here. Enough distractions to slow her down, right? This was a brilliant idea, love…” Kelly praised, as she was helped up by a coughing Martin. “Do I get a kiss for savin our arses, or what? ” he asked jokingly, clearing his throat to speak before leaning in for a kiss. Their happiness was short lived as they were interrupted by a gunshot as his dusty and angered ex wife climbed out of the bunker and shot at them, missing his ear  by inches! “Run! ” a quick thinking Martin cried out, before grabbing his lady love’s trembling arm and taking off, while a fuming Deirdre gave chase.

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