Deirdre forces them into the time machine. But, where or when does she want to go…an’ what’s on her crazed mind? Read on to find out!

Three’s a crowd
“Think on what yer bout to do, Dee…” he advised, shooting a nervous glance at the gun that she now pointed at him. “Oh, I have thought bout it. In fact, your talkative sister in law’s provided me with enough food for thought. Told me all bout how that lil time machine of yours works. Just wanted to see if this thing really works….” she explained with a sly smile, before glancing at the time machine in the corner. She headed towards it for a closer look, not letting go of a squirming Kelly. “Dee…I’m gonna have to ask ya to leave…yer probably drunk or mental…or both, I dunno! I could call the coppers on ya, but I know yer goin through the hardest time…so, you’ve gotta leave, kay? Just gimme the gun an’ leave….” he whispered, inching closer to them. “Awww…c’mon…I just want a ride in the fancy clock, Marty…” she insisted in a childlike voice, tapping on the glass exterior of the clock with the barrel of the gun as she spoke, before wrapping an arm around Kelly and pulling her closer. “Just one ride…or she gets it! ” she threatened, squeezing her arm tightly around Kelly (who began to gasp for breath as she did so). “Kay! Just let er go an’ lower the gun, please! ” a fearful Martin ordered. “Brilliant! I’ve just the place in mind!” she declared rather enthusiastically, waving the gun about as she spoke.
“Why d’you wanna go to Klomino? ” Kelly asked, staring at her suspiciously as the trio entered the time machine. “That’s for me to know an’ for y’all to find out. Now, get this thing started, c’mon! ” Deirdre ordered, ignoring to reply. “It’s the middle o’ the night, ya came knockin on our door…with weapons, might I add…so, ya owe us a bloody answer, Dee! ” Martin prodded, becoming as suspicious of Deirdre as Kelly was. “Fine! If you really must know, I want proof that your girlfriend here really is a clone like she says she is….an’ no-one is getting outta here until I see that cloning facility myself! Seriously, all this clone talk’s been driving me crazy, so I thought I’d check it out for myself. Now…move it or lose it! ” she explained, before sneering at Kelly. “Seeing is believing…right? ” his frightened girlfriend whispered, shooting him a nervous glance as she felt the gun dig into her back. “Alright! Here we go! ” he heard Deirdre cry out and shuddered with unease as he saw a strange, wicked grin spread across her face. The sound of his sweat dripping onto the glass floor of the time machine and Kelly’s frightened whimpers were soon drowned out by that familiar, annoying ticking noise.


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