Deirdre shows up…to take revenge!

Worried and shaken
“I’m not a sicko stalker.” Martin heard her mutter as they prepared to go to bed later that night. “Hmm? ” he looked up at her in a clueless manner. “I heard her accusations today. I heard the commotion an’ then I heard her say I was some sicko stalker who’d lured you in.” she revealed, her eyes welling up at the thought of his ex wife’s hurtful comments as she looked at him. “Oi, listen…listen to me, kay? I don’t care what anyone says. I know yer not a sicko stalker, kay? ” he comforted her. “An’ those inventions really are mine. I’ve got patents to prove it…” she continued to defend herself, determined to clear her name. “Love, love…listen to me….it’s her job to jump to conclusions an’ theorize. She’s a scientist! ” he interrupted, cupping her poor face in his hands in a bid to ensure her that he believed her no matter what his ex wife had accused her of. “Isn’t that offensive? ” she asked, raising an eyebrow at his comment. “To whom? Scientists? No. I think they take it as a compliment! ” he joked, finally eliciting a chuckle from his worried girlfriend. “How’d she get inside my lab though? I lock it whenever I’m not around.” she prodded further. “She’s got lock-picker blood in er. Her dad boasted that he’d broken into Fort Knox more than once. ” he replied, with a roll of his eyes. “It’s a good thing I kept the time machine here for safe keeping.” she heaved a sigh of relief, gesturing to the time travelling grandfather clock that occupied a corner of their bedroom. “Brilliant! Now, quit worryin. It’s bad for the baby. Go to sleep, wontcha Lady Worrywort? ”  a sleepy Martin ordered.
It was past midnight when he was woken up by a cry from Kelly and the next minute he felt something cold press against the side of his face. He widened his eyes in horror and shot up on seeing the kitchen knife plunged into his pillow. The feel of its cold steel had woken him up. He was even more horrified on seeing his scowling ex wife holding his quivering girlfriend at gunpoint.

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