Deirdre vents out her anger…an’ it’s NOT a pretty sight!

A heartbroken Angel
“Ya know what I like bout ya the most? ” he whispered sweetly, feeding his beloved Kelly a cherry tomato from his plate as they shared a table at the cafeteria. “Hmm? ” she hummed with her mouth full, looking up at him curiously. “That smile o’ yers…an’ those lips that form it…” he revealed charmingly, running a finger across her glossy lips. “Ow! An’ those sharp teeth that’re housed within em! ” he squealed in pain, making a face as she playfully bit him before letting out an impish laugh at his reaction! They were too busy feeding salad to each other to notice his ex wife glaring at them jealously from her chair in a corner of the cafeteria. She slammed her fork down, leaving her meal half -eaten, before storming out in a huff.
“What’s she doin outside my lab? ” a clueless Kelly whispered, looking up at Martin as she spoke. They’d just returned from lunch to find his ex wife quickly storm out of her lab. He raised an eyebrow as she scurried away on noticing them. “What’s she done to my lab?! ” Kelly cried out in horror, as they found themselves looking at lab equipment strewn around the floor and tarp ripped off the inventions which lay cluttered and almost broken to pieces! She was close to tears at the sight. “I think I’m gonna have a lil talk with er, eh? Why dontcha stay ere? I’ll be right back.” he comforted, fuming as he headed for the door.
“Why’d ya do it, Deirdre?” he asked, storming into her lab. She didn’t reply, ignoring him as she sat at her desk and buried her nose in a book. “Deirdre, answer me! Why’d ya trash Kelly’s lab, huh?! ” he repeated his question, moving closer to her this time. “I dunno….why’d ya cheat on me with her, huh?! Why’d ya choose to love her over me, huh?!” she retorted, glaring at him with her tearful eyes as she shifted focus from the book to him. He noticed the tear-soaked pages of the book as she slammed it down on the desk and stood up. “An’ by the way, her name is Shawna. Not Kelly. Kelly’s gone, kay? I thought you were over her when we got married….” she continued, her voice trailing off. “But, ya see, Shawna is Kelly! A clone, I told ya! ” he insisted. “How’s that possible…?! The technology…it’s just not there! ” she refused to believe him. “Yer dad was right bout that cloning facility in Klomino. I can show ya. She asked me not to tell anyone…but, there’s this machine that she’s invented…” he began to explain. “She’s reelin ya in with all that talk bout bein a clone, isn’t she?! Ya actually believe everythin that comes outta her mouth, dontcha?! Bet she’s an imposter.” she interrupted, her mind flooded with thoughts of jealousy. “Scuse me? ” he asked, raising an eyebrow at her accusation. “Is she really this world famous inventress from Poland she claims to be? Probably pulled the wool over poor ol Dr. Wartenberg’s cataracted eyes too!  Did she really invent those things….or did she steal em off someone? Probably a sicko stalker who’s been stakin ya out for days, learnt everythin bout ya an’ got some cosmetic surgery done to look like your beloved Kelly. Sounds like some crazy movie plot, but that’s probably what she really does for a living, huh? Stalks an’ lures men…for their money an’ what not! ” she came up with a ridiculous theory. “I don’t wanna hear another  word against her! D’you hear yerself?!” he cried out in anger to defend her, throwing his hands up on hearing Deirdre’s accusations. “D’you hear yourself?! Claiming that she’s a clone?! ” she retorted. “I dunno what’s gotten into ya, but stay away from my Kelly, kay? ” he warned, before his gaze fell on the fleeting creature that gradually settled on her open book.  “So, did ya steal this one from her lab to spy on us or somethin? I should’ve known….once an Angel, always an Angel! ” he muttered in disgust, before picking it up and deciding to return it to its rightful owner,slamming the door behind him as he left.


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