A distraught Deirdre feels the world crumble around her:

What’s wrong with Deirdre?
“Here’s your tea, sweetheart. It’s kind of you to visit your ol parents. Isn’t it, honey? ” Deirdre’s praiseful mum exclaimed, setting the cup down on the table before taking her place at the table. “Yeah…I’ll be sure to buy ya somethin lovely from Germany when we go there to find out more about Lorelei, the Rhine mermaid. ” her absent minded dad seconded, looking up from his newspaper, revealing the froth moustache that had formed on his lip due to his morning cup of frothy cappuccino. His comment about the mythical creature elicited another eye roll from her mum who handed him a napkin to wipe his face. “I had to come visit. I couldn’t bear staying at home any longer….Too many memories….” a sorrowful Deirdre muttered, absent mindedly stirring her tea as she spoke. “Oh, sweetheart…..I know this is hard for ya, the divorce an’ everythin….” her mum began to comfort, squeezing her hand in a friendly manner as she spoke. “Mum…I really loved him….I still do. But, he’s so enamoured with that…that slut! ” a hurt Deirdre confessed as teardrops streamed down her cheeks before finding their way into her tea which was getting cold….and quite salty from her tears. “That’s what she is, a conniving slut! D’you know what he told me when I confronted him about it? Said he was in love with her, said she was the clone of his precious Kelly. I mean, how disgusting is that….to lure a married man by claiming to be the clone of his late girlfriend?! I can’t believe he fell for that rubbish! ” a fuming Deirdre recounted, as her mum shook her head in disbelief at her story. “A clone, did ya say? Wow! Tell me more. ” her dad prodded, perking up at the mention of a clone. His wife glared at him for displaying  enthusiasm when he should’ve been consoling his grief stricken daughter, instead of showing interest in the person who was the cause of her grief! “Sorry. Just askin though. Ooh! Here’s an idea. Why dontcha run some tests on her blood samples? Or better yet….run a DNA test, collect some cheek samples…..Just to prove that she indeed is a clone. It’d be a major discovery if she really turned out to be a clone! ” her over- enthusiastic father suggested, ignoring the glares he was eliciting from his wife. “Enough! You’re being insensitive to our daughter’s feelings! ” she scolded her husband. “Ya know what? I think I’ve had enough of consoling for a day. You needed her cheek samples, right, dad?  I’ll be sure to pass on the message to Martin. Maybe he’ll be able to collect some…the next time he sticks his tongue down her throat! ” Deirdre cried out sarcastically, before storming out.

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