A/N:  You can listen to This I promise you by Nsync  while reading in order to set the tone for this next lovely chapter. Wait till ya find out where she’d disappeared off to:

Home is where the heart is

Their new home in Klomino

“Is it just me or is this thing more spacious….bigger on the inside…? ” he exclaimed, looking around on noticing that the time machine looked like it could accommodate more than the two of them. “Yuh-huh! I took care of the noise problem too. Here, wear these.” she exclaimed proudly, before handing him earbuds. “Yeah…these’ll take care o’ everythin…obviously! Brilliant idea, these magical noise cancellation devices o’ yers! ” he remarked,sarcastically. “Hey! For your information, I was too busy dealin with the space problem to come up with anythin better, kay?! ” she snapped, on hearing his snarky remark. “Sorry.” he muttered apologetically, before putting them in. “This place looks familiar…” he scrunched up his face to think, looking around as they landed on a grassy slope overlooking a futuristic looking house surrounded by a garden filled with exotic flowers. “C’mon. Take a closer look!” she whispered, grabbing his hand before the couple ran down the slope. “Genetically modified rainbow flowers an’ blue roses….Grew em myself! It took me months to find a workforce to build our perfect home. An’ months to scout for a perfect location….But, I finally zeroed in on my ol home, the place where I was born…” she explained gleefully, as they strolled through the fragrant garden, watching in delight as the robotic butterflies flitted from flower to flower and in amazement at the glowing fish swimming in the fountains . “Wait a min…This is Klomino….But, it looks….where’s the, ya know, the burnt down building…?” he asked, in disbelief. “Gone! This is what I call a new start! ” she replied, smiling up sweetly at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him.
This took ya a year…oh, wow! It’s marvellous! ” an impressed Martin praised, raising his eyebrows at the breathtaking sight.  “Well, it would’ve taken more than a year, but I had to hurry it up…” she confessed. “More than a year?! How long were ya expectin to stay, love? ” he demanded to know.”Would ya lemme finish, ya drama queen?! I’d to come back early, cuz I found out that I was pregnant. An’ I just…I had to tell ya…” she interrupted, before he could get worked up over her decision to stay longer. There was a long pause. “Wait? Yer pregnant?! When’d ya find out? ” he asked, agape on hearing her revelation. “I’ve known for a couple of days now. You’re gonna be a dad, Martin! ” she replied with a rosy cheeked smile, before the proud father-to-be hugged her enthusiastically as they stood in front of their new house.


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