Kelly reappears after being away for a year, leaving Martin in a state of worry. But, where had she gone?

Gone for a year
A year passes by:
“I can’t believe she just got into her precious time machine an’ went off like that without notifyin me! I’m beginnin to think she’s more in love with that machine than she is with me! ” he muttered, pacing his brother’s apartment as he spoke. “An’ I still can’t believe ya got to fourth base with a clone! Respect, mate! ” Matt joked, reaching for a high five but pulling back as it only elicited disgusted glares from Alice and Martin. “Dude, why dontcha just wait it out at your apartment? She’s sure to drop by.” his sister in law suggested. “I could…But, it’s locked an’ Deirdre’s got the keys an’ I can’t seem to find her.” he explained. “Dontcha have a spare key? ” Matt asked. “It’s not gonna work cuz my ex wife changed the bloomin locks! ” he lamented. “Ere she comes! I’m gonna call out to er…how dare she…! ” he muttered under his breath on seeing the grandfather clock materialise outside, before pulling the window up and calling out to Kelly. She waved to him happily, as he beckoned to her to come upstairs so they could talk.
“Ya know ya had no right! No right to leave me hangin for a year! Like…like…Rose left Mickey! ” he scolded. “Who the hell are Rose an’ Mickey? ” a clueless Alice whispered to Matt. “Probably their mates from school or somethin…I dunno! ” an equally clueless Matt shrugged. “Well, I bet we’re cooler than these mates from school! ” his wife hoped. “Could ya shush! I’m tryin to listen to their bickerin! ” he ordered, putting a finger to her lips. “Travellin to Lord knows where! Ya had me worried! You’ve got a lotta explainin to do, lass…” the fuming man began to scold, but was silenced by a kiss from her. “Can’t you just say I’m glad yer back, love! an’ move on? You’re such a drama queen! ” she teased, pulling back with a mischievous grin. “C’mon! I wanna show ya somethin! That’s why I landed here, so I could show you what I’ve been up to this whole time! ” she exclaimed with a giddy smile, pulling him along before he could protest. They stepped into the time machine, and off they went!

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