Hope I’m not boring y’all with this story!😁 Anyway, here’s the next one where Kelly confesses her feelings as she feels betrayed by Martin. Clones have feelings too!

New emotions

Looking down at the remnants of her birthplace

A concerned Martin looked at the speechless inventress, who quickly turned her back on him so he wouldn’t notice her tears as he reached out to comfort her. “I need space.” he heard her mutter, before she began playing around with her fingers frantically like she did when she got jittery. “Kelly, where’re ya goin? ” he asked, following her as she retreated to a corner of the lab. “Kelly, don’t do anythin drastic, kay? ” he called out, as she hurried into the time machine and closed the glass door behind her. “I’m not doin anythin drastic….just gonna go on a lil trip.” she whispered calmly and in a mysterious manner, the blue light surrounding her tearful face. “Where? Yer not leavin unless ya tell me where yer goin!” he ordered, before opening the door to keep her from leaving. She remained silent. “Fine, I’m comin with ya then. Can’t have ya time travelin in this state. Lord knows where you’ll end up! ” he muttered, ignoring her protests as he forced his way into the time machine.
“So…this is where ya come when yer feelin blue, huh? What’s so relaxin bout all this? ” he asked, as they sat on a patch of dried grass on a slope overlooking the burnt remnants of the cloning facility in Klomino. “It’s my birthplace an’ it takes me back to a time before I met any of y’all….” she replied.  “Ya mean, before ya met me? I didn’t know ya regretted meetin me.” he muttered, feeling insulted. “I didn’t mean it like that….though, I’m regrettin it now. But, only cuz I feel bad for breakin up yer family… for bein the mistress who stole Dee’s husband!” she blamed herself, feeling too ashamed to look in his direction. He felt sorry for her on hearing the pitter-patter of her tears on the ground and her soft sobs. “Oi, look at me, kay? Yer no-one’s mistress, kay? I love you more than I love Deirdre, kay, Kelly? ” he proclaimed, lifting her chin up towards him before wiping away her tears. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m a clone of Kelly.” she corrected. “Doesn’t diminish my love for ya!” he declared, as he gazed at her lovingly. “You love a clone more than you love your wife? ” she asked, looking at him suspiciously. “Why’s that hard to believe? ” he asked her, on noticing her look of doubt. “I’m findin it difficult to trust you after what happened today, kay, Martin? Why’d you tell your wife bout us, after I told you not to, huh? ” she reminded, with a look of betrayal in her eyes. “I didn’t.” he defended himself. Judging by her long silence, he knew she didn’t believe him. “Martin….I’m new to emotions, kay?  I can’t cope with stuff as well as humans, kay? An’ these past few weeks after meetin ya…I’ve been discoverin so many new emotions… Pride on receivin all this appreciation, this tingly feeling which I think is love, then excitement…An’ now, I’m sad to say, anger an’ mistrust. An’ those last two aren’t feelings that I like! I just wanna get rid of these feelings, so I want ya to be honest with me, kay? ” she made him promise. “I swear I didn’t, love! ” he exclaimed truthfully, squeezing her hands in assurance. “Then…who did? ” she muttered to herself, deep in thought as she watched the sun set behind the trees.


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