She finds out about the affair!

Secret no more
Her curiosity was stirred up on seeing what was hidden under one of the wings- a tiny SD card. “Nifty!” she muttered to herself in awe, as she set the winged robot on her desk before deciding to play the recorded contents on her laptop as she popped the card in. The inventress’ workplace came in full view with the tarp covered inventions in one corner and a table full of scientific doodads. Occasionally, the butterfly would settle on a few strewn pages which had come loose from the inventress’ notebook of ideas. Deirdre’s curiosity was however piqued as she heard playful teasing and laughter and all of a sudden the blurred image of a canoodling couple appeared on the screen. She zoomed in on them to get a clear view. “…no….! ” she cried out in horror, as she realized it was none other than her husband and the lady she’d once admired! She felt tears streaming down her cheeks and rage boiling within her as she slammed the laptop shut and left, deciding to have a lil talk with the other woman in Martin’s life!
“Hullo, Dee! I thought you’d left.” she greeted, smiling on seeing Deirdre enter. She leant against her work bench in a leisurely manner, hiding the fact that she was committing adultery behind her angelic smile. Deirdre wasn’t falling for it. “Where’s my husband? ” the heartbroken woman asked, sneering at her. “He’s gone to pick up his things, before he heads home. ” she replied. “Well, you can tell him he’s no longer welcome into our home. We’re done! ” she declared. “What’s happened, Dee? Is everythin alright? ” she asked, flashing her colleague a clueless look. “Don’t you dare call me Dee anymore! You are no longer my friend! D’you think I dunno bout you an’ Martin?! Think I dunno bout your canoodlin an’ all the shenanigans that go on behind me back, huh?!” Deirdre yelled angrily, rushing at her and pinning her to the wall. “Dee…please…you’re hurtin! ” she whispered, struggling to speak or breathe as she was pressed against the wall by her betrayed colleague. “Don’t play coy with me…” she interrupted, before yanking her hair back. The bruised inventress let out an anguished cry, before struggling to free herself. She was successful in squirming out of her grip, just as Martin arrived. “What’s happening here? Love, what’s wrong? ” he asked, on seeing both the women. “Are ya referring to me…or her? ” his wife asked in a scornful manner, before pushing him aside and hurrying out the lab.

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