Here’s a lesson on recycling:

Junkyard science


“Why are we in a junkyard at this hour, at….gosh! I don’t even know what time it is cuz I’ve never been up this early!” he grumbled, as he followed the eager inventress as she carefully and curiously prodded at heaps of scrap metal, occasionally picking out stuff that she liked. “Really? Not even when you were a pilot? I thought you army chaps were quite the early birds.” she exclaimed, in disbelief. “Not me. I loved wakin up late. Kelly…I mean, you hated me for it. Complained that I wasted everyone’s time with my impunctuality.” he recounted, with a braggy grin. “I did, huh? Guess this is sorta payback then, eh? ” she quipped, with a playful wink. “Here…hold this….An’ these…oooh! A perfectly good capacitor, need that too!” she exclaimed enthusiastically, handing him junk that seemed useless to him but was valuable to her and her inventions. “Look at this…..I can see the London bridge from ere! Yarrr…matey! ” he joked around, sounding like a pirate as he played around with a rusty pipe, using it as a telescope. “Oh, good! We’ll need that too. Put it on the pile.” she ordered, on noticing the pipe in his hand. “Tell me, love, is this payback too? ” he asked jokingly, feeling the heaviness of junk that was piling up in his arms. “It will be…if you drop a single thing! I might even have to punish ya…probably, whip ya! ” she replied, saucily. “Wait…what?! ” he cried out, dropping everything on hearing her. “There was a loud clatter, before she let out a mischievous laugh. They set out for the lab once everything had been gathered up again and placed in a wheelbarrow she’d brought along.
“Ok. Now separate the woodware, plastics and metal objects, kay? I’m gonna need em for later. I’m workin on somethin big, it’s topic secret! ” she ordered, before explaining her plans in a secretive manner and proceeding to weld something together. “Almost…done! ” he heard her mutter finally, before she beckoned to him to join her at her work bench. “These are my colourful cuties that I created from junk I collected a few weeks ago – Robotic butterflies equipped with mini cameras that can be used to spy on…your enemies, I guess!” she explained proudly, before showing him how to control the winged robots using a remote control. ” An’ there’s this cool feature where you can just set em on autopilot an’ they just fly off an’ all your spying needs are taken care of automatically.” she revealed, indicating to a tiny switch. He flipped it on and watched in wonder as the creature flew around the room by itself and settled on the sill of an open window. “Cool…but creepy! ” he muttered. “Butterflies are creepy?! ” she exclaimed in surprise, on overhearing his comment. “No. But spying on people is! ” he protested. “Creeped out…by a lil, harmless butterfly, eh? Sounds like someone’s got Lepidopterophobia! ” she teased, as she picked up another remote control. “Seriously, quit joshin about! ” he warned hesitantly, stepping back as she inched forward, controlling the butterfly to follow him around in an attempt to scare him! Meanwhile, they hadn’t noticed that the butterfly which was on autopilot mode had already flown out. It flitted towards Deirdre (who was strolling in the greenhouse next to the lab) and settled on her shoulder. She noticed it, letting it nestle on her finger, while curiously examining it. “What have we here? ” she muttered to herself on seeing the mini camera attached to it.

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