Will the couple patch things up at the ball….or will there be a change o’ partners?

The Ball of Sciences

Dancing with another

He dropped by during lunch break to find her busy sketching something, all alone in the lab. She greeted him with a kiss. “You taste of strawberries….” she muttered, licking her lips once she’d pulled back. “I thought you’d say that. Didn’t see ya at lunch, so I thought I’d pick somethin up for ya.” he revealed, handing her a transparent takeaway container he’d been hiding behind his back. “At least someone thought bout me. No-one else even noticed that I’d been gone for two days! ” she thanked on seeing the delicious looking strawberry shortcake in the container, setting it aside for later. “Not ya! Yer the most popular person ere! No-one noticed ya?! That’s impossible! ” he exclaimed, in astonishment. “Well, no-one drops by. I mean, I’m s’possed to choose someone to assist me with my work, but I don’t think anyone’s genuinely interested in it. If they were, I’d hear em knockin on my door every now an’ then! ” she complained gloomily, leaning against the table as she spoke. “Maybe, they just don’t wanna disturb ya.” he figured. “Oh…but, I like bein disturbed! In fact, you’ve disturbed me so much that I’m thinkin of choosing you as my assistant! ” she teased, slowly wrapping her arms around him to pull him down towards her. “I’d like that.” he agreed saucily, before leaning in for a kiss. “Wait! There’s a camera in ere! ” he interrupted, on noticing the presence of a camera that was focussing on them from the ceiling directly above them. “I thought you’d say that! It’s my latest invention- a camera deactivator. I use it to prevent others from seeing and stealing my ideas while I’m workin, but I think I can make an exception…” she explained shrewdly as she disabled the camera by pointing a tiny remote control at it and pressed the button on it. “I’m in love with a complete genius!” an impressed Martin praised, proceeding to suck at her neck. ” What now?! ” she asked in an unsatisfied manner, as he pulled away all of a sudden. “Just one more thing. Are ya attendin the Ball o’ Sciences this evenin?” he enquired, anxiously. “What in the bloody hell’s The Ball of Sciences?” the oblivious inventress asked. “It’s this Christmas party that’s thrown for everyone at the lab. I heard that The Piano Guys are invited to perform.” he replied, ecstatically. “Who’re The Piano Guys? ” she asked, scrunching her face up in cluelessness. “Seriously, woman, have ya been livin under a rock?! ” he exclaimed, in disbelief at her unknowingness! “I dunno…I don’t think I’ll make it. I don’t really like parties. Besides, I’ll be busy modifyin my time machine.” she excused herself. “Well, I’d like it if ya came. I wanna show off my dance moves to ya! ” he boasted, as he tap danced horribly just to elicit a hearty laugh from her! “I’ll think bout it.” she finally declared, just to satisfy the horrible dancer in him! “I’m gonna take that as a yes, while moonwalkin my way out! ” he exclaimed cheerfully, before making his way out on noticing the time. “Take that as a maybe…An’ brush up on your dance moves! I dunno what that is, but it’s definitely not the moonwalk, love! ” the blushing inventress called out after him, before returning to her work.
“So…just gonna drive there in silence, huh? ” a concerned Matt asked from the backseat, watching the usually talkative couple not utter a word throughout their ride (they weren’t on speaking terms ever since their fight). “Well, I was hopin that by wearin this wooden bowtie, I’d break the ice…but, I guess no-one’s even gonna ridicule me about it? ” he suggested, shooting a glance towards his brother who wasn’t in the mood to listen or talk. Alice (who was feeling equally concerned about her brother-in- law’s marriage) shrugged as her husband turned towards her with a frown and a pleading look, feeling sorry for him. When they arrived at the venue, Alice and Matt thought that the liveliness of the party would thaw the ice between the couple, but this wasn’t so. “I think I’ll get myself a drink.” was a cold Deirdre’s response when Martin asked her to dance. He sighed, on seeing her leave him by himself to gaze solemnly at the other couples on the dance floor. Suddenly, he turned around on feeling a tap on his shoulder. It was Kelly, who’d finally decided to show up, looking gorgeous in a backless gown. She offered to dance with him, as he clasped her arm and led her to the dance floor. He felt a smile creep on his face as he slid his hand down her back and she lovingly placed a hand on his shoulder and they begin to slow-dance as The Piano Guys began to play the melodious Let it snow!


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