Martin and Deirdre’s relationship turns icy….brrr! ❄

The fight before Christmas
Unfortunately, his joke hadn’t gone down too well with Deirdre who’d held in her displeasure during their family dinner, but was showing signs of a possible emotional outburst later that night. “So, which tux d’you wanna wear? ” she asked, examining his tuxes which hung in the closet. “Why? Where’re we goin? ” he replied in an absent minded manner, while thumbing through a magazine in bed. “The Ball of Sciences . Did you forget? ” she reminded, peeking into the bedroom at him. “Oh…that! Must’ve completely slipped my mind! ” he muttered. “Slipped your mind, huh? You seemed pretty enthusiastic bout it just a few weeks ago.” she revealed, setting the tuxes down on the ironing board for him to choose from later. He shrugged, setting aside the magazine as he felt himself getting drowsy. “You’re rather jumpy today…” she teased, noticing him shirk as she slipped into bed and snuggled up to him intimately. “Umm…uhh….Just a bit tired, that’s all.” he muttered, avoiding her seductive, longing gaze. “Right. Too tired….the one day I wanna try for a baby! ” she muttered, moving away from him with a frown. “It’s not that. I’m just not feelin like it tonight. ” he confessed. She glared at him in silence, watching as he leant against his pillow and prepared to switch off the lamp on his nightstand. “Ya know what? I thought you were only jokin bout it in the car, when you avoided talkin bout kids to mum, but I think you really don’t want kids! ” she deduced, glaring at him tearfully as she spoke. “What?! Before ya go bout accusin me bout not wantin kids, lemme just remind ya o’ somethin, kay? Ya work late, yer super-busy at the lab, too tired to even cuddle with me…in fact, tonight’s the only night you’ve actually brought up the topic bout havin kids! In my opinion, yer just rattled by yer mum’s insistence on us havin kids. But, I just feel yer not ready, love. Yer gonna have to put raisin our kid before yer job, an’ knowin ya….yer not gonna be able to readily put yer job before the baby! I just don’t want our child to feel ignored, love.” Martin explained calmly, hoping she’d understand. “Ya know what I think? I think you are too afraid of havin a future or startin a family….Too afraid that the baby’s gonna steal your freedom. You’re just too afraid to speak your mind! ” she retorted, before turning her back on him. “Sweetheart…” he whispered apologetically, reaching out an arm to comfortingly squeeze her shoulder. She shrugged off his bids to comfort her, before pulling the sheets over herself to hide her tears. Disturbed by their fight, he rolled onto his side and spent a sleepless night, while his wife cried herself to sleep.

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