Along with a love life comes a change o’ name:

Promises and proclamations
“Which name d’you think suits me better- Shawna or Kelly? ” she asked, looking up at him as she raised herself on her elbows. “I dunno…” he replied, scrunching his face up in an unsure manner as he spoke. “To be honest, I don’t think I like Shawna much, now that I know it’s short for something. Scientifically Humanized Artificially Wombed Newborn Angel makes me feel so unhuman.” he heard her complain. “Well, the Angel part’s true! ” he quipped with a toothy grin, while carefully tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Such a charmer! Honestly though, I prefer to think of myself as a human, even though I’m a clone of one.” she spoke her mind. “Fine. Kelly, it is then.” he agreed. She flashed him a pleased grin, before snuggling up with him, resting her head on his bare chest while he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and gently stroked her arm. “Martin? ” she whispered, sleepily. “Yeah? ” he asked, looking down at her. “I love you.” she proclaimed her feelings for him. “I love you too….Always have, always will, Kel.” he reciprocated, before giving her a peck on the nose while she smiled blushingly on hearing his response. “Promise me somethin? ” she asked, unwrapping her arm from its original place around his waist and bringing it up to his chest. “Anything.” he replied. “I’d like it if you didn’t tell anyone about the time machine. It’s just that there’s some glitches I’ve to fix, before I unveil it. An’ let’s try to keep everythin that occurred last night a secret….just between us, kay? ” she made him promise, as she swirled her finger on his chest. “Kay, love.” he promised. “Anything else?” he enquired. “Well….what d’you wanna do now? ” she asked, flashing him a bored look. He thought for a while, before flashing her a saucy grin. “Wanna do it again? ” he suggested. “Wait a min…We can do it….again?! Oh, wow! There’s so much I’ve missed out on! ” she realized, perking up at his suggestion. “C’mere, you! ” he exclaimed with a teasing grin, before pulling the sheets over the both of them while a surprised Kelly let out a squeal of delight!

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