Caution: Chapter contains ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey stuff💏

In love with a clone
She shut the door quickly behind them, as they finally arrived at her apartment. “Sorry, I brought you here. I just feel relaxed here…An’ right now, I’m feeling super freaked out, almost hyperventilating! ” she confessed, pacing the room as she spoke. He watched as she popped in a Madonna CD in the CD player and picked up a Rubik’s cube, solving it as she appeared to ponder over the recent revelation. “Yup…Ya do seem super freaked out! ” he agreed, popping the p when he said yup,and raising an eyebrow at her coping strategies. She slumped down on the bed, muttering I can’t believe this under her breath while he watched from the doorway. “Oh, great…now I must be freakin you out! ” she accused herself, looking up as he sat down beside her and placed his hand over hers in a bid to calm her down. “You don’t have to stay here for me, ya know. Go home.” she whispered to him. “I’m not leavin ya alone. This is difficult news to digest…” he began to speak, clasping her arm and giving it a squeeze to comfort her. “Of course it is. I mean….had I known sooner….had we met sooner, an’ you’d known I was your sweet Kelly…we’d have done so much! ” the lonely inventress spoke her mind. “Like what? ” he asked, laying down beside her till they were face to face. “I dunno….couple stuff. Stuff I’ve always dreamt of…Like starting over…probably my first kiss. I’d no time for a relationship, no friends back in Poland or anywhere, really! I mean, what would you do if you were reunited with your lost love….? ” she rambled on, only to be silenced by a passionate kiss from him. She looked at him longingly, as he pulled back. She felt disappointed, wishing for her first kiss to last a bit longer. “I’d tell her how much I’d missed er…An’ how long I’ve waited to kiss er an’ hold er in my arms again….” he revealed, his voice trailing off before he began to shower her neck with kisses in a fit of passion. Having never felt intimacy before, she cherished his every kiss and caress and sighed in satisfaction.


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