Dedicated to the late John Hurt

A shocking revelation!
“We’ve gotta get to Poland now! ” Martin declared desperately, after he’d disclosed the address to them. “What? What for?! ” she asked, in surprise. “I need closure. I never got to say a proper goodbye, ya know.” he replied. “Liar. You wanna see if he really cloned her, dontcha? ” she deduced, seeing through his lie. “Well, if he did…wouldn’t ya wanna see it..I mean…er too? ” he shot back, slyly catering to her clone fetish. She thought for a while before muttering, “Dash it! You’re right, I would. C’mon then! ” She led the way to the time machine which she’d hidden using a cloaking device. “Are you thinking about the right address? ” she whispered, noticing that it hadn’t taken off yet. “Aye. I am….Wehrmacht street, Klomino village….Oh! Here we go! ” he repeated the address, jumping up as it began to tick all of a sudden.
There was a commotion as soon as they stepped out. A man in a lab coat, resembling Dr. Wartenberg ran out of a blazing building with a bundle in his arms. Two men carrying guns ran close behind him, yelling- “We just wanted the cloning technology, foolish man! ” The duo followed carefully and watched as the panting man stopped a safe distance from his chasers. “Wait a min….that building he’s standing outside…it’s the orphanage I grew up in…” she realized, as the man prepared to knock on the door of a nearby building. He stopped on hearing footsteps approaching. Instead, he searched his pockets, pulling out a notepad and pen to scribble something, before placing the bundle (which the duo realized was a baby) and folded paper on the steps of the orphanage. Martin and Shawna investigated the contents of the note once he’d scurried away. They watched as 3 silhouettes ran off into the dark, before turning their attention to the crying baby and the note, which read- To whosoever it may concern,
This is my angel….my SHAWNA (Scientifically Humanized Artificially Wombed Newborn Angel) . Unbelievable as it may seem, she is a clone…But, please don’t reveal that to her or treat her differently. Take care of her until I return.
Dr. Wartenberg.
There was an awkward silence once they’d finished reading the note. He tried to catch up with a disturbed Shawna who began to hurry towards the time machine. “Where’re ya goin?! D’you need to talk?! I know it must be tough…” he called out worryingly behind her. “Not tough….just weirdly shocking, I guess! But, I should’ve known…..what with me growing up faster than all the other kids an’ feeling outta place all the time….I should’ve known I was a bloody clone! An’….how could he hide this from me?! ” she cried out, in disbelief. “Where are we goin? ” a concerned Martin asked, as they stepped inside. “Home. I just wanna go home, kay? ” she replied, feeling emotional.


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