Back to his past

Cameo by Jay Baruchel as young medical examiner.
“It…it really works! ” he exclaimed in horror, as they stood in a war zone. “It does, doesn’t it? Oh…wow! Where in the world are we?” the amazed inventress enquired. Her question was left unanswered as he suddenly lept at her to throw her out of harms way. The duo rolled into an empty bunker as a large blast shook the ground and a loud sound resounded as a grenade hit the spot where they’d stood! He frowned as he was showered with chunks of debris while he lay atop Shawna, shielding her from the debris. “Well, this is a first for me….lyin underneath a handsome, strong man, who’s got his arms wrapped around me so securely! ” she whispered shyly, gaping at him dreamily. He tried to hide the blush that was beginning to form and his frown was replaced by a chuckle as he was amused by her praise. “Oi! Ya two! Aren’t ya s’possed to be up in the air?! Get a move on, wontcha?! ” a familiar voice ordered, as Matt’s dusty face peeked in. Martin climbed off her and looked up to see his younger brother clad in his military uniform stretching an arm up to help him up. “C’mon! I haven’t got all day! Find some other time to romance, ya two! We’ve got a war to fight, an’ yer squadron’s waitin, eh? ” the brave soldier reminded, hurrying off to join his comrades after helping them up. They looked on after him, before turning towards two medical personnel carrying a stretcher. It had a corpse covered with a bloody blanket. “Noo!” she heard him cry out. She followed his wide eyed gaze to the limp hand that hung out from underneath the blanket….and the engagement ring that adorned one of the fingers. “We’re too late! If only….I could’ve saved er…! ” he broke down. She attempted to console him, caressing his hair as he broke down and sobbed, burying his face into her lap.
“I wanna see her one last time.” he whispered, dabbing at his puffy eyes with a Kleenex which she handed him. With the help of surgical masks (which she’d swiped from a cart so no-one would recognise them), they snooped around the morgue. “Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here!” a young medical examiner cried out on seeing them. “We’re relatives of Ms. Kelly Rowling.” she lied, on his behalf. “Oh…her! Her stepdad was just here. Mumbled something about using her DNA to clone her or something. I think he was probably bereft or something, ya know! Cloning…pfft! Utter rubbish, I think! ” he scoffed. “It’s not utter rubbish! ” she argued, losing her temper on hearing the skeptical young man’s comment about cloning. “Don’t hurt me!  I’m new here, ma’am! ” the frightened medical examiner pleaded, as she gripped him by his collar. “Calm down! D’you know where her stepdad stays, lad? ” Martin enquired, pulling her off him.

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