So, I thought to myself, if a police box can be used as a time machine, why not a grandfather clock?
Dedicated to the creator, cast an’ crew o’ Doctor Who. An’ also to Christiaan Huygens, the inventor o’ the grandfather clock.

The time travelling grandfather clock


The couple prepared to leave after a late night at the lab. She waited for him outside, attending to an important call, while he locked up for the night. “Pssst! ” he heard a voice from the other end of the dark corridor. It was Shawna. He was surprised to see her at this hour. He thought she’d gone, but there she stood- at the doorway of the spacious room at the end of the hall, assigned to her by Dr. Hardy to tinker around and to store her inventions in. “C’mere! I wanna show you somethin! ” she called out to him, beckoning with her finger. “What is it? Is it important? ” he asked. “Just come on! ” she urged, before disappearing into the room. “Love, I’ll be down in a minute, kay? ” he yelled down to his wife (who was still busy on the phone), before deciding to follow her. She had on a giddy smile when he entered the room. “I wanna show you my latest invention…It’s a time machine- An’ I’ve been workin on it for some time now. I think I’ve finally perfected it! ” she revealed, before slipping off the tarp that covered her so-called time machine. “Wow! An’ it’s such a well-preserved one at that too! Don’t see much o’ these antique things anymore…..but, I wouldn’t call it a time machine, lass! ” he joked, feigning wonder on seeing the grandfather clock underneath the tarp. “That’s why I wanted you to be the first to see it,sceptic! Now, keep your comments for later an’ just go ahead an’ open that door…ya know, the door that leads to the place where the pendulum’s hung….? ” she ordered, ignoring his jeers. “Ya mean, the clock case? ” Martin the know-it-all corrected. “Well, I’m not well-versed with the names…Just open it! ” she retorted. “Why? Is it…bigger on the inside? ” he asked in jest, chuckling at his own joke before opening the door- revealing an empty space which was big enough for only the two of them. “Well, I’m still workin on the space problem.” she muttered. “How’s it work? ” he asked, deciding to play along, still skeptical about it. “I was hopin you’d ask! See those tiny devices nestled in each corner of the case? Those are microscanners. They scan your deepest thoughts. Just think of a place an’ time you’d like to visit….An’ my time machine takes us there! ” she exclaimed, enthusiastically and with full certainty that her invention worked. “C’mon let’s take it out for a test drive, shall we? ” she declared, stepping into the cramped space and motioning to him to follow. “I would love to…but, it’s late an’ I’ve gotta get home…An’ ya probably have to get to Crazy town! ” he declined in a mocking tone, turning to leave. “Don’t believe me….or too chicken?” she called out after him, in an insulting manner. “Oi! Nobody calls me chicken! FYI, I was in the RAF, kay? Takes a lotta guts to be in the RAF, lass! ” he reminded boisterously, turning around quickly on hearing her insult. “Just not enough to get into the clock case of a clock though…” she continued to mock, smiling slyly as she spoke. “That does it! Move aside! ” he ordered, before bravely getting into the cramped space. “Well, this is a tight squeeze! ” he muttered, finding it hard to breathe or think straight, as she shut the door and they stood close to each other in the pitch dark.
He felt her hot breath on his stubbly chin as she whispered- “Okey-dokey. Now, when I switch on the microscanners, think about the time an’ place you wanna travel to. We can travel to the past or the future, whenever an’ wherever you like, kay?” He nodded in reply, before shutting his eyes and thinking hard over where he wanted to be the most. “Ready? Now, hold that thought.” she whispered, before switching on the microscanners. The tiny devices emitted a bright blue light that circled his forehead, forming a halo around it as they scanned his thoughts. “This is ridic…” he began to exclaim impatiently, already making up his mind to leave, when he was interrupted by a soft ticking noise. It grew louder and louder and he held his breath hoping there wouldn’t be a gong, since there was only so much he could handle! “Don’t worry… I’ll do somethin about the sound later. Just ignore it for now, kay? ” she promised, yelling over the loud ticking noise in order to be heard. Finally, the ticking noise subsided. “That’s it? ” an unimpressed Martin muttered, before preparing to open the door. He blinked, adjusting to the sunlight, before scrunching his face up as the strong stench of blood and gunpowder  invaded his nostrils.

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