Alright then, ere’s a chapter that’ll bring tears to yer eyes. I know, I felt myself tearin up as I wrote it….or maybe that was just from seein a Dalek self-destruct itself earlier today (yes, I tend to root for the villain😜) Ok then, happy readin!

Painful memories come flying back


Kelly! A minute, please? ” he called out to her, as the rest of the squadron dispersed. “I don’t want ya repeatin any o’ those risky manoeuvres ya pulled off durin trainin, kay? ” he ordered. “Whatever …scaredy cat! ” she teased, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Oi! I’m higher in command, lassie! ” he reminded. “Doesn’t mean I can’t give ya a good luck kiss…” she retorted saucily, before pulling him for a passionate kiss. “Just be careful, alright, love? ” he made her promise, before pecking his sweetheart on the nose.
“The enemy’s hot on my heels…but,I think I can shake em off…” she began to speak confidently. “I know what’s on yer mind an’ I won’t let ya do it…” he declined, noticing her aircraft taking fire. There was silence from the other end and he felt his heart thump faster as he watched it disappear behind a cloud. When it reappeared, she’d already resorted to the highly dangerous Rolling Scissors manoeuvre. “Kell…don’t…It’s impossible! ” he cried out, but in vain. “I guess I’m someone who tends to veer towards the impossible, eh? ” he heard the stubborn pilot mutter boastfully, before she lost control of her battered aircraft. He watched in horror as she was ejected out of it and hurtled down into the green canopy below.
Shit! It’s back! ” he cussed under his breath, lamenting the return of the nightmare as he woke up in a cold sweat. He turned towards Deirdre who was sleeping soundly. He decided not to wake her up, since she had a long day at work the next day.


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