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The Munson Expo

Shawna's innovative inventions

“Welcome to the Munson Expo, everyone! I wish I’d named it somethin cooler, like Munson-palooza or, uh, just off the top of my head-My awesome idea fest…but, I was too busy comin up with all the awesome inventions you all will be seeing here today….” their beautiful host greeted, in a boastful manner.”Wow! Ya two are made for each other! She’s just as narcissistic as ya are! ” Deirdre teased her husband. “Oi! It’s called showmanship…not narcissism! ” Martin defended her. He received a jab and a shush from Alice, before the inventress continued further- “….An’ forgive me for using this cliched line, but…I’d like to welcome you all to the future! ” With a press of a button, a curtain was automatically pulled aside- revealing a room full of machines and futuristic looking gadgets to the awestruck audience. They were even more surprised (and confused) as their host faded away in front of their eyes! 
“Gotcha, didn’t I? That Shawna Munson who stood in front of y’all and interacted with you was my lifelike hologram, activated with just a flip of a switch from one of my latest inventions- The Hologram Generator.” the real Shawna Munson revealed, as she appeared from behind the curtain, putting their confusion to rest.
Wow! This could keep our lil Stormy entertained for hours, wouldn’t it, love?  So cool! ” Matt exclaimed, hovering about on a real hoverboard with childlike enthusiasm. “For the last time…we’re not naming our child Stormageddon! ” his preggers wife replied with a roll of her eyes, before she ordered him to jump off the hoverboard before he broke it! “I wish I could pitch a tent in her brain and stay in it! ” a bright-eyed Deirdre muttered, watching the laundry hamper washer drier (which instantly washed and dried the dirty laundry that was dumped into it…automatically! ) in action. Martin suppressed a snicker at her enthusiasm. He looked around for the innovative inventress who was busy explaining another of her inventions- a coffee machine that could make the right cup of coffee according to the user’s preferences just by scanning his/her  hand print- to an engrossed crowd. She flashed him a smile on noticing him staring at her and beckoned to him.
“Surprised ya showed up! Deirdre says you didn’t put your faith in science…ever since your brother’s accident.” Shawna exclaimed, handing him a free cup of coffee as he stopped by to check out the machine for himself. He chose not to talk about it, instead quietly sipping the hot beverage. “Wow!  This thing’s a mind reader! ” he exclaimed, staring at the wondrous machine as he smacked his lips and took another sip from his perfect cup of cappuccino. “You’ve got a bit…” she whispered, before reaching out a finger to wipe the froth moustache that formed over his upper lip…before mischievously flicking her finger at him. “That’s mean! ” he muttered, feigning hurt as a blob of froth landed on his face and dripped down slowly. “Sorry…that was childish on my part! I just wanted to test this. Here.” she apologized, before handing him a clean white cotton towel. “What’s this? Another one o’ yer futuristic ideas? ” he asked, examining it curiously once he’d wiped his face with it. “See this? It’s got a mini turbine in it that pumps out hot air and UV light that not only dries the towel, it disinfects it and keeps it fluffy. ” she replied, gesturing to a hanger mounted on the wall before hanging the towel up on it. “I know o’ a germaphobe who might be interested in this.” he joked, shooting a glance towards his sister- in-law who was having a hard time keeping an enthusiastic Matt off the Segway that also doubled as a vacuum cleaner (for cleaning on the go!) “Am I boring you yet?” she asked, explaining the technology that went into all her inventions.  “Far from it! Yer actually impressin me!”  he replied with a grin, as they strolled about the venue past the crowds of scientists, science enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs and schoolkids-  all  of them equally impressed, enthusiastic and taken in by her inventions. “That’s nice to hear. Wanna hear somethin awesome? The carpet we’re walkin on right now…? ” she asked, motioning to the soft carpet under their feet. “Yeah? ” he replied, flashing her a curious look. “It’s an invention too…well, uh, a concept, really. We just need to develop the technology further an’ we’ll be able to detect footprints an’ stuff like that. So, if any intruder breaks in an’ steps foot on this or if a beloved elderly person has a slip an’ fall over it, you get notified about it. But, of course, this is just a prototype, an’ it’s quite comfy to walk on, isn’t it? ” she revealed. “That’s amazing! ” he praised. “I know, right?! ” she exclaimed with pride, blushing at the praise he was showering on her. “Now, I know why my wife wants to live in yer brain! ” he exclaimed, jokingly. “I guess I knew that too!” the amused inventress cracked up at the thought. “An’ to think all those years ago, all these devices were deemed impossible to invent…. Merely concepts an’ a distant, impossible dream! ” her elderly mentor, Dr. Wartenberg added, joining their conversation. “I guess I’m someone who tends to veer towards the impossible! ” she quipped confidently ,with a wink.



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