Shawna's notebook of ideas: Property o', no snoopin around!

A large crowd of scientists and science enthusiasts had gathered outside the lab where huge banners had been put up and arrangements had been made for the inventress to showcase her latest inventions. “What’re ya readin? ” Martin asked curiously, watching as his wife thumbed through a fat notebook. “It’s Shawna’s book o’ ideas. She let me borrow it. Golly! Look at all these sketches. Look! She’s got an idea for a time machine too…! Can’t wait to see that one! ” she muttered excitedly, widening her eyes as she browsed through millions of sketches and handwritten notes for new futuristic ideas- some of which Shawna would introduce later that day, while others were still in the offing. “Pfft! Yeah, right….a time machine! Everyone knows that time travel is just a myth! Utter hogwash! I’d believe it if I saw it! ” Martin scoffed, as they waited for Shawna to make her grand entrance. “I know I shouldn’t have let ya tag along. This is science stuff. A layman like ya wouldn’t understand! ” she retorted, glaring at the skeptical man. “For yer information, I majored in Physics in college. In fact, I’d almost succeeded in solving the Yang–Mills existence and mass gap problem! My professors said I’d make a brilliant physicist. But, I fancied shooting down planes to shooting alpha particles at metal foil! Not so much o’ a layman now, am I? ” he recounted, with a rather boastful grin. A speechless Deirdre began to open her mouth to say something on the lines of- Wow! That’s impressive! – but was interrupted by the sound of cameras clicking away and a nudge from Alice (in order to silence her) as the exhibition commenced.

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