Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders,
Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes,
Acrophobia is the fear of heights,
Agoraphobia is the fear of open or crowded spaces,
Cynophobia is the fear of dogs,
But have ya ever heard o’…..

Clone phobia!
“Love? ” Matt called out to Alice who was doing the dishes in the kitchen. “Yeah? ” came her voice over the sound of running water. “D’you ever think bout…uh…clonin me…?” he asked hesitantly, standing at the doorway as he watched her stack the clean plates on the kitchen top. “What’re you going on about? Why would I wanna clone you? Like I need another silly man in the house! ” she replied jokingly, amused by his question. “Just thought…what with yer obsession with cloning an’ all….I mean, ya were talkin bout this dream o’ yers- to create the first human clone…” he reminded. “Of course, I was. Shawna brought it up at the lab the other day , and now all my colleagues are talkin about it. Besides, if I did clone someone…I’d probably choose to clone George Clooney instead of you! ” she explained, flashing him a grin as she spoke. “Right…that’s comforting.” he muttered sarcastically, disappointed on not being chosen to be the first human to be cloned by his wife (Yet, also relieved at the same time, since the idea of being experimented on again terrified him!) “Hon, why dontcha do the rest of these for me. I’m gonna iron your shirt for tomorrow. Shawna’s invited us to a grand exhibition where she’ll be showcasing her inventions.” his wife requested, taking a break to wipe her sudsy hands on the front of her apron. “I was plannin on watchin some telly, love…” he began to excuse himself. “Maybe I’ll change my mind…an’ clone myself a hubby who actually enjoys helping me with chores, huh? How about that? ” she threatened teasingly on hearing his excuse. “No,no! I’ll do em! ” he interrupted, taking her threat seriously! She suppressed a pleased grin as she left him to his chores.
Later that night, he was just about to shut his sleepy eyes and turn in for the night when he felt a chill down his spine as he heard her inch closer to him to whisper- “You need the rest, hon. Tomorrow’s the day we finally clone ya! ” “Don’t even joke about it, Alice! ” the scaredy cat scolded, hearing a childish chuckle from her side of the bed. “Ok….g’night, my darling clone! ” she cracked a final joke, letting out a haunting cackle just to spook him out, before drifting off to sleep. Fearfully, he pulled the sheets close to his chin. He tossed and turned, dreaming about evil clones of himself taking over London….and possibly, the world!

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