Dedicated to my fav writer, the late Mr. Dahl. (P.S. Can’t wait to watch the tv premiere o’ The BFG. Absolutely loved the book, so can’t wait to see how the movie’s turned out)💖

Of cloning and cats

Martin and his pet cat

Martin dropped in at Matt’s apartment for their daily morning routine of watching telly and drinking beer. His brother was still unemployed, their respective wives had already left for work, while Martin preferred to be as impunctual as possible just to annoy ol Dr. Wartenberg!  “What’s this? It’s too early to be watchin porn, ya know? ” he advised, peering over his younger brother’s shoulder at the phone screen. “It’s not porn. It’s just this movie called Womb. Alice was watchin it last night. She’s been obsessed with clonin…” he began to explain, still staring at the movie playing on the screen. “Ooh…sci-fi, eh? Why am I not surprised? ” Martin mumbled, taking a swig from his beer before plopping down beside Matt. “Yea…It’s bout this lady who gives birth to the clone o’ er dead boyfriend…” he narrated. “Spoilers, mate! An’ that sounds really unsettlin! ” Martin interrupted, with a look of disgust on hearing the plot. “I know. An’ is it just me…or does the actor in this movie look eerily similar to me…? Oh, my god! Do I have a clone?! ” an exaggerating Matt exclaimed, gazing closely at the screen with wide eyes. “Pfft! If anyone should be cloned, it should be my handsome self! Ooh! Check out Eva Green’s stunning arse, eh? ” his boastful brother joked, before continuing to ogle at Eva Green onscreen. Their conversation was interrupted by a sudden meow as Martin’s pet cat jumped off the window sill and made its way into the apartment and onto his lap. “Put away that porn! Mr. Wartenberg’s ere….an’ ya know he only likes the lesbian stuff! ” Martin ordered teasingly, stroking the cute cat (whom he’d named in honor of the elderly scientist!).  “Why does yer cat always make itself at home in my apartment? An’ with all that sheddin….! Ya know, Alice’s allergic! ” Matt scolded, watching the furry creature purr away . “Well, ya shouldn’t leave yer window open then! Isn’t that right, Warty? ” his unbothered brother suggested, before cooing at the playful cat who began to nibble at his nose. “I don’t think Alice an’ Deirdre are gonna like the idea o’ ya namin yer pet after their mentor.” Matt objected to his choice of name. “What…He can name his mice after me…an’ I’m not even allowed to name my kitty-cat after im?! ” Martin justified. “I thought Deirdre had initially zeroed in on the name – Puffy McButtons! ” Matt reminded, stretching out a hand to pat the cat, unable to help himself in the presence of cuteness! He was taken aback as a paw swiped at him, leaving scratch marks across his arm! “See? Even he doesn’t like that name! ” Martin muttered, expressing his, as well as the feline’s displeasure at the name- Puffy McButtons!

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