Didn’t wanna keep y’all waitin for the sequel to It’s Sciency Wiency stuff!, ere it is! Thanx for readin the first one an’ enjoy:):

Cast members:
David Tennant as Martin
Oona Chaplin as Deirdre
Rooney Mara as Alice
John Hurt as Dr. Wartenberg
Matt Smith as Matt
Kate Beckinsale as Shawna Munson, the aspiring inventress.

Cameos by Phil Nice and Reita Faria as Deirdre’s parents.

Cover page

Getting off on the wrong foot

The beautiful gazebo

The newlyweds spent the evening sipping wine under the gazebo, while getting to know about their guest, Shawna. “This one thinks you look a lot like his late girlfriend! ” Deirdre revealed, to her husband’s embarrassment. “Well, she does. ” he muttered. “Ooohh…maybe I’m her ghost or something! ” their guest exclaimed jokingly with a mischievous glint in her eyes, before letting out a laugh at her own joke. No-one else laughed along. “He’s still not o’er er yet.” a knowledgeable Dr. Wartenberg whispered, as Martin stood up and walked away from the group, visibly upset by her joke. “Oh! ” an ashamed Shawna realized her mistake.
She found him bathed in moonlight, sitting on the rocks with his back to her, his feet soaking in the clear ocean water as he pondered over his lost love. “I’m so sorry. They told me everythin. I didn’t mean to come across as insensitive or anythin. I just didn’t know…” she began to apologize, sitting beside him and watching as a tear rolled down his cheek and mixed with the salty water that washed across both their feet. “No…I should be the one to apologize to ya. I shouldn’t have stormed off like that , an’ made ya feel bad bout yerself! ” he apologized, wiping tears away with the hanky she’d handed to him. “If it makes ya feel better, I think I’m gonna leave now. I hate that I’m bringing back bad memories for ya. As soon as I get back to Poland, I’m optin for plastic surgery! ” she joked, as he looked up at her, mesmerized by her beauty and wit. “Yer not. In fact, the time I spent with Kelly counts as one o’my best memories…’ I wouldn’t change a thing bout ya! ” he whispered, caressing her cheek with a hand as he spoke. She blushed, before turning away from him.


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