Dedicated to everyone who read an’ liked. Hope y’all stick around for the sequel:)


Kelly returns

2 years later:
“Our serum’s on the market, it’s helping physically challenged persons around the world without any side effects….” she exclaimed enthusiastically, linking an arm around his arm as they strolled along the lawns at the wedding venue. “…including Matt.” he agreed satisfactorily, letting out a chuckle as they watched Matt and Alice having a ball on the dance floor, proving that they were indeed terrible at tango! “Ya know, ya never thanked me for providin ya with a name for yer serum.” he reminded, braggingly. “Right! Biothaique…What’s it mean, again? ” she asked, rolling the catchy name around her mouth since she liked the sound of it. “It’s Scottish Gaelic for revive” he replied, before breaking into a grin as she pecked him on the cheek gratefully. “If that’s what I get for simply naming the serum, I wonder what I might’ve gotten if I’d helped in synthesizing it! Now, gimme a snog! ” he exclaimed saucily, before leaning in for a French. “Down, boy! Save some for the honeymoon, eh! ” she teased, letting out a shy laugh as she pushed him away. “Oh, look! Dr. Wartenberg’s here! ” she interrupted, waving at the old man who smiled at them from the flowery archway, before walking towards them. “Congratulations, ya two! Although, ya could’ve done better than this fella!” the usually serious man joked. “I hope ya don’t mind, I brought a plus one. This is my student, Ms. Shawna Munson. She’s just arrived from Poland where she’d been working on her revolutionary inventions. She’s plannin on introducin em to London….An’ soon,the world! ” Dr. Wartenberg praised, brimming with pride. “Doctor, you’re making me blush! Anyway, congratulations, you two! ” the beautiful, brainy brunette clad in a silver sequined gown exclaimed, before congratulating the newlyweds. “Thanks. Ooh! This is my favorite song! Michael Bublé always gets me goin! D’you two wanna join us on the dance floor? ” Deirdre asked politely, before twirling around in her flowy white wedding gown and pulling Martin along with her onto the dance floor, as the Michael Bublé himself (since their serum is doing well, they can afford him!) began to sing Nobody but me.
“What’s up with ya? You seem….distracted.” she whispered, looking up at her husband who’d been lost in thought the whole time they were dancing. “It’s just that…Shawna looks exactly like Kelly.” he muttered, staring at the smiling woman who was dancing with an at ease Dr. Wartenberg. “Your late fiancee, Kelly? ” she asked for confirmation, shooting him a confused look, before turning her curious gaze towards Shawna. “Mmhmm.” he replied, with a nod.
                 TO BE CONTINUED….


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