Dedicated to Mary Shelley and her monster.

Back to the lab


“Look at that! I made the front page! How bout that, eh? ” a boastful Matt exclaimed, showing off the front page of The British Bugle, before Martin snatched it away from him. “Big deal! They didn’t even print yer photo.” Martin pointed out mockingly, getting crumbs all over the paper as he munched away on his toast. “I swear, the press has gone to the dogs! ” he joked, with a knowing look on his face as he set the paper down. “Close call though. Imagine if they hadn’t thought of it as a Halloween prank. They’d have turned on him like that mob had turned on Frankenstein’s monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein! ” a bookish Deirdre heaved a sigh of relief. “Excuse me! Frankenstein’s monster?! That’s goin a bit too far, isn’t it? ” Matt cried out, feeling insulted by her comment. “Ya didn’t exactly look too good with those quills sticking out o’ ya!” Martin agreed, his voice muffled as he took a sip of coffee. “We’ve got a job to do,remember.” Deirdre reminded, tapping at her wrist watch on noticing the time. “Oh…Right! We talked to Dr. Wartenberg an’ he’s agreed to start work on a brand new, improved serum. An’ this time, we’re not skimping on any procedures or trial runs. We’re pulling out all the stops! I can’t wait for this serum to be approved an’ out on the market soon! No more late night adventures that involve running after porcupine men an’ keeping the press guessing! ” a determined and hopeful Alice declared, not losing her can do spirit. “Right. But, first we’ve gotta get to the lab an’ do further research on it. Now, let’s leave before the ol grump throws a fit! ” Deirdre reminded, in a bid to calm the over-excited woman down while impatiently holding the door open. “Ya know, I’m really concerned about you spending time with him. His habit of insulting people is rubbing off on ya!” Alice teased her, before planting a goodbye kiss on Matt and grabbing an egg salad sandwich for the road. “Well, you’re not gonna love who we’re gonna be working with either. Madeleine got her job back at the lab an’ Dr. Wartenberg’s asked her to assist us after her heartfelt apology.” Deirdre revealed, as the trio walked down the stairs. “I dunno…..I kinda took a shine to her.” Alice confessed, feeling a smile creep on her face at the mention of her foe-turned-friend. “Well….She did save yer life last night!” Martin reminded, leisurely shoving his hands into his pockets as he took his time strolling down the stairs, while they waited for him impatiently at the bottom of the stairs.


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