Spoilers! Martin and Deirdre show signs of a blossoming romance. 😘

Healed wounds
Matt and Alice’s apartment:
“Ok, just relax…..Stay still. This might sting a bit.” she whispered, soaking a cotton ball with alcohol, before dabbing at the wound on his forehead which he’d sustained when he hit his head on railing of the bridge, once she’d finished bandaging his hand. He hissed, scrunching up his face in pain. “Don’t worry….just a lil dab….An’ a bandaid….An’ we’re all set! ” she exclaimed, as she pushed aside strands of his hair that covered his sweaty forehead, before planting a kiss on his forehead once she’d carefully dressed the wound. “All better? ” she asked, sweetly looking into his eyes. “Almost.” he replied, looking back at her in a longing manner, before clasping her hand in his, gratefully planting a kiss on it. “How bout now? ” she asked, moving closer till their lips met in a passionate kiss. “Much better.” he replied, still reeling from the taste of her sweet lips as she pulled back quickly on hearing the door swing open. “Sorry. Did we interrupt somethin? ” Matt asked,  wheeling himself into the apartment while Alice followed behind. “That’s why you’ve gotta keep your medicine cabinet stocked.” Deirdre whispered advisably to Martin on noticing his disappointed expression at the interruption of their intimate moment. “Here ya go, Al. I borrowed your first aid kit. Hope you don’t mind.” she remembered, setting down the first aid box on the table. An absent minded Alice nodded silently. “What’s troublin ya? ” a concerned Martin asked as he sat up with a groan, while Matt squeezed her shoulder in a comforting manner. “I guess it’s goodbye to my FDA approval, huh?” she muttered in a distraught manner. “An’ you probably won’t get a chance to walk again, will you, hon? I’ve failed…miserably! ” the tearful scientist exclaimed. “Don’t be hard on yerself, love. If it makes ya feel better, I kinda like lazin about in my wheelchair! It’s relaxin! ” Matt joked, trying to lighten her mood. There was a tense pause, before she finally let out a snicker at his joke and leant in to kiss her understanding husband.

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