Martin hangs on for dear life. Read on to find out what happens next:

Hanging on
“Hey, mate. Yer gonna get better soon. We’ve got the antidote. We just want ya to stay still while Alice injects ya with it, kay? ” Martin requested, approaching him slowly. He’d never felt scared of his brother, as much as he did now. “I don’t want yer antidote. God knows what it’s gonna do to me! Probably turn me into somethin worse! ” Matt muttered, his furious eyes glowing in the dark. “It won’t. Ya don’t have to worry, kay? Yer gonna return to normal, I promise.” Martin promised. “Hollow promises. I’d rather die than let ya inject me with some bloody antidote! In fact, I was just about to go ahead an’ do that until ya showed up ere. Jump in front o’ a train. An’ if that didn’t work, drown myself in the Thames.” a distrustful and frustrated Matt revealed. “Oh, my god! That’s why you’re here? Listen, you can’t lose hope. Just let us help you, please.” Deirdre pleaded. “I guess I’ll have to deal with ya lot, before I can finally leave this sickening form! ” Matt muttered, disgusted by the creature he’d become and venting out his frustration and anger at his loved ones. “Mate, please…” a concerned Martin whispered, reaching out an arm to grab his arm and pull him off the tracks. “Let go! ” Matt cried out, no longer trusting his own family as he freed his arm from his brother’s grasp and backed away. “Oh, yea…that was a bad idea! ” Martin grimaced, as a quill stuck out from his hand. It’d gone right through the skin and flesh when he’d grabbed onto Matt’s spiny arm. A determined Martin pulled out the quill, fought back the pain and approached him insistently. “Martin……move!! ” Alice’s voice wafted from the footbridge, as Matt lashed out, swinging his arm and landing a blow to Martin. “Noo! ” Deirdre screamed, as he was knocked off his feet and flew right off the bridge! “An’ now, to deal with the person who started all this! Don’t take the trouble to come o’er ere, love. I’m comin there! ” an unhuman Matt declared, turning his gaze towards the women, before leaping onto the footbridge to deal with them . “Alice…..Run!! ” Martin’s voice cried out from nearby. A surprised Deirdre ran in the direction of the voice and heaved a sigh of relief as she saw his bloody arm clinging to the side of the bridge. “Hey, love! A lil help? ” he requested, looking up at her and flashing her a nervous smile as he hung on for dear life.
Oh…bollocks! I don’t wanna go! Not like this, anyway!” he cried out, swaying about as he dangled from the bridge and worryingly looked down at the strong currents of the Thames below him. “Stop overreactin, ya crybaby! You’re not gonna die! Stop wiggling so much or I won’t be able to pull ya up! ” she ordered, holding on to his arms and pulling with all her might. He gulped, feeling his grip loosening on the slippery cold steel. “Whatever…you…do….Don’t let go…..Unghhh!! ” she squeaked,using every bit of energy to pull him up. She fell backwards while he fell atop her.”Ya know, for a skinny fella, you’re pretty heavy! Now, how bout ya get your heavy arse offa me an’ we go save your brother?” she reminded, snapping him back into reality on noticing the grateful look in his eyes which also meant he was already lost in her eyes.


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