A/N: Before proceeding to the next chapter, I’d like to pay a small tribute to a brave son o’ the soil- Goa’s very own St. Joseph Vaz, whose feast we celebrate 2day, so ,Happy Feast! He spread the word as a young boy, before moving to Sri Lanka as a young priest to spread his love for the religion among the oppressed Christians and atheists there. We need more saintly, fearless men like him. 🌟

Saving Matthew
“I can’t believe my serum did this to him! It was s’possed to help him! ” Alice broke down, confiding in Martin and Deirdre. “Relax….we’re gonna fix this, Al. In fact, Deirdre an’ Dr. Wartenberg might have somethin that might help.” Martin consoled. “They do? You do? ” Alice asked, shooting a surprised look at Deirdre who was almost done dressing the wound on her neck. “Uh…yea…Dr. Wartenberg asked for my help in synthesizing an antidote soon after he learnt about ya injectin Matt with the serum. ” she whispered. “Why’d you hide this from me?! We could’ve used it earlier….before all this! ” Alice demanded to know. “I didn’t wanna get your hopes up. We haven’t tested the antidote either…” she explained, nervously. “But, we have a shot at curing him, right? ” a desperate Alice interrupted. “Yes…but…” Deirdre began to protest, doubting her own antidote, a far cry from Alice who had been confident about her serum. “I don’t wanna hear anything more. We’ve gotta give it a shot. Where is it? ” Alice asked,stubbornly. “Back at the lab.” Deirdre replied,hesitantly. “Let’s go, then. ” she declared, before hurrying out. Martin followed her out, determined to return his brother back to normal.
“Don’t worry, hon. You’re gonna be fine.” Alice muttered assuringly, as they waited outside the apartment, armed with a syringe filled with the antidote. They entered, but found themselves in an empty apartment. The bathroom was a mess- shattered glass from the mirror strewn everywhere. Matt was nowhere to be seen, until Martin yelled out- “There he is! ” as they watched his spiny figure scurry about into the dark. He’d climbed out the open window. He’d probably gotten stuck as he attempted to climb out, as his quills had poked holes and torn the pretty, new floral curtains which adorned the window. Alice had picked em out painstakingly, but right now she didn’t care that they were ruined. Right now, she only cared about her husband. They decided to follow him.


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