If u thought the spreading rash was creepy, wait till ya read what happens to Matt next:

The Porcupine Man: Transformation from man to monster

The Porcupine Man
The night everything changed:
“G’night, love.” Matt whispered, before giving Alice a goodnight kiss as the couple turned in for the night. He twisted and turned in his sleep, as he felt a burning sensation and itchiness all over his body. He headed to the bathroom, splashing water on his burning face, before looking up at his bare torso in the mirror. He shirked in horror. The rash had somehow spread across his entire body overnight! He reached for the calamine in the medicine cabinet, when a sudden pain caused him to stoop to the floor. He fell to his knees. The pain caused him to pass out on the white tiled floor. He came to a few minutes later, slowly climbing to his feet.
Ahhhhh!! ” a shriek from the bathroom woke her up. “W…what’s t……th..this….? What’s happenin to me?? ” he exclaimed, as she looked on frightfully. His own reflection made his heart leap into his mouth, as he stared in horror at the millions of spines which covered his bare skin. His horrified wife watched in silence, blaming herself in her mind as he unsuccessfully attempted to break off the spines and cut through them with scissors from the cabinet. “What’s this…some kinda joke?? ” a clueless Matt muttered as he tossed the useless scissors aside, though only Alice knew this was no joke.Speechless, she slumped against the cold wall, wishing her eyes were deceiving her.
“I…I’m…so…sorry. This is all my fault, Matt! ” she apologized, finally finding her voice. A clueless Matt stared at her, his frightened eyes demanded an explanation. “You did this?! ” he exclaimed in disbelief after she told him all about what the serum had done to Martin the rat. He looked away from the mirror, unable to look at his horrific appearance anymore. “You an’ yer stupid serum!! Why?!! ” he cried out, charging at her, his bloodshot eyes staring right into her soul. “I…W..was…only….tryin…t…to help…Matt…please, under…stand…” a choking Alice squeaked, struggling to speak or breathe and trembling as he wrapped a spiny hand round her neck, pinning her against the wall. “Matt…hon…please….You’re hurtin me! ” she pleaded, feeling the spines dig into her throat. “No….you….you did this…to me! ” he growled, refusing to let go and only squeezed tighter. She struggled against his grip, finally finding the strength to kick him. He howled in pain, falling backwards into the bathtub, while she made her escape. He collapsed to the floor, letting out an animal-like howl, as he was unable to understand who or what he was turning into.


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