I can already hear the reader exclaiming uh-oh! The idiot an’ his Angels are back!  and lamenting his return on reading just the title of this next one:😾

The return of the idiots
They’d just returned from their first date, which they’d finally made the time for. “Shhh…” an alert Martin motioned to Deirdre with a finger to his lips, treading lightly as he noticed the slightly ajar door of his apartment.
You again! I knew it! What’re ya up to, now?! ” he cried out angrily, pulling Raleigh out from his hiding place behind the drapes and pinning him to the wall, twisting his arm as he struggled and squirmed. “What gave me away? ” the pathetic man asked, quivering with fright on being caught. “Basically, yer shoes peekin out from under the drapes, dimwit! ” Martin replied, holding him by his shirt collar. “Bollocks! ” the idiotic man muttered under his breath. “Hyaa!” Deirdre let out a yell, taking down Madeleine, who’d been hiding in the closet and had lunged at Martin. “Whoa! I was in the army, what’s yer story? ” Martin asked, impressed and taken aback at the same time by the usually timid girl’s heroic act. “I’m a black belt in karate.” she replied, coolly adjusting her beige dress. “Well, remind me to cancel that Halloween scare I’d planned for ya! ” he joked nervously,eliciting a snicker from her. “What should we do to these scoundrels? Wanna hand em o’er to the coppers? ” he asked, staring at a jittery Raleigh and his hurt, groaning angel. “He’ll probably bribe the cops into bailin em out or somethin! I’ve got a better idea! ” she exclaimed, before running into her room. She rummaged through the travel bag where she kept spare test tubes. The bottle on the kitchen top caught her attention as a wicked grin crept across her face.
“Here. Let’s inject em with this serum! ” she declared once she’d returned, displaying the test tube filled with orange liquid and a syringe she’d brought out with her. She mouthed play along to a confused Martin. “It’s a new serum. Bet you’d like to get yer ratty hands on it, eh?” he replied on her behalf. “A fast acting one.Just one dose an’ it’ll make all your hair fall off! ” she continued, with wild eyes and a crazed expression which would put Hamlet to shame! “My beautiful blonde locks? ” a trembling Madeleine asked. “That’s not the worst part, princess. A second dose, an’ your pretty face’ll be covered in warts. Now, who’s gonna be the first one to test it? ” she finished explaining her devious serum. “Ya know what? We’re sorry for ruinin your evenin. We’ve gotta run anyway, don’t we, sweetums? ” a horrified Raleigh decided to take off, while Madeleine nodded in agreement.
“I hate that phony!  If he was a real man of science, he’d know that this is Fanta! ” she quipped, gulping down the orange liquid once they’d left, eliciting a hearty laugh from Martin!

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