The Porcu-rat

A Porcu-rat? !
The next day, there was a queer development at the lab. Martin was checking on his namesake rodent friend. He noticed something stranger than the rat’s gooey eyes and lack of fur. He noticed tiny quills protruding from the rat’s skin, making him look less like a rat and more like his relative- The porcupine! “Is it just me….or does Martin 2.0 seem a tad different? ” Martin asked, bringing this strange new development to Alice’s and Dr. Wartenberg’s attention. “Are those….quills? ” Alice exclaimed in disbelief, as they gathered around the enclosure for a closer look. “What d’you think caused it….? An’ don’t you dare say my serum did it! ” she warned, as Martin opened his mouth to respond. “Well, what else could it be? All the blood tests we did on im revealed no disease. He was a healthy lil bugger, until yer serum….it changed im! God knows, what it’ll do to Matt! ” he muttered. There was an awkward silence, before a frightful Alice asked- “What d’you mean by that?! Are you saying my husband’s gonna turn into a porcupine….cuz of my serum?! ” “Wait a min….Ya used the serum on Matthew after all that we talked about?! Dr. Evanston, that is highly reckless o’ ya! Ya should know better! I’m disappointed in ya.” Dr. Wartenberg reprimanded her before Martin could reply, nodding his head in disbelief. An ashamed Alice bent her head, feeling like a disgrace in front of the man she’d looked up to and frightened about the consequences. “I’m afraid this experiment was a complete failure! ” Dr. Wartenberg continued. “Oi! I’d suggest ya stop blamin er! She had no choice. Besides, it isn’t er fault. It’s probably yer porcupine bezoar. We probably shouldn’t have used it in the first place! ” Martin defended her. “But…I’ve never known it to have any side effects before. This is a first! ” the elderly professor exclaimed, scratching his head in confusion.
“What’s he up to now? ” Martin interrupted, turning his attention back to the enclosure, where the creature had begun to claw frantically at the glass with its sharp claws. They watched in horror as its tiny body began to bulge and it began to squeal painfully, before bursting and sending tiny sharp quills flying about the enclosure. They were surprisingly sharp enough to crack and shatter the walls of the glass enclosure as they hit it forcefully. The trio were taken aback, thankful that none of the quills had pierced them and lodged into their bodies, but horrified by the bloody mess left behind. “It’s gonna be fine. I’m sure the serum works differently on humans an’ mice.” a shaken Martin tried to comfort, knowing what was on a wide eyed Alice’s mind as she stared at him and nervously chewed on her lip.

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