Browsin thru a book shop, found the book I’d been searchin for ages- Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna. Bought it…an’ two more by my absolute favorite, Ruskin Bond. Though, my parents have threatened to take em away unless I finish studying👎….I think that’s just a conspiracy to prevent me from readin anythin other than a physics or chemistry textbook (subjects that I dislike very, very much!). Rather than science, I’ve a more awesome relationship with science fiction. My parents dream o’ me bein a doctor, while I don’t see myself treatin sick people. I see myself in the arts stream, rather than the science stream where I’m currently sulkin away. I see myself writin bestselling books (which’ll then probably be adapted for screen) and acting in movies too, maybe open my own book shop.
P.S. Curlin up with a gr8 book or watchin a movie when ya have the flu/ are too sick to do anythin else is as effective as gulping down meds. So, ere I am, sharin with y’all what I’m most passionate bout an’ what I hope to do for the rest o’ my life (I’ve decided, no med school for me….maybe, film school an’ a PhD in lit or psychology….but, I’m not interested in bein a doctor. Far too many Indians dream bout bein a doctor or engineer (those are the two borin options we settle for!)….I just wanna be the one Indian who does neither an’ instead be different by followin my passion, even if my family isn’t supportive about it.  Anyway, happy reading! 😋

Up in flames


He let the roses he’d bought drop to the footpath as he watched in horror as the flames lapped up her apartment and her ashen face appeared at the window as she banged on the window pane, calling out for help. He’d turned up for his date, only to be met by firemen hard at work, determined to rescue Deirdre and concerned neighbors who’d gathered outside to witness the chaotic scene. Soon, the ordeal was over. They were able to rescue her and rush her to the hospital, but her apartment no longer existed, burnt to cinders. He rode with her in the ambulance, holding her trembling hand to comfort her.
“They burnt my research, Martin. My papers an’ everythin….all gone! Raleigh an’ the girls broke in an’ doused everythin with lighter fluid before burning it an’ then, Anita tried to kill me but when I resisted, she knocked me out! When I came to….everythin was up in flames an’ I couldn’t get out! ” she recounted, while he listened intently, fuming over that vile man and his equally vile angels! “Don’t worry. She’s out of danger now. Fortunately, the firemen arrived in time or she’d have died from asphyxiation. A couple o’ stitches an’ you can take her home. Here are her discharge papers.” the doctor informed.
He helped her to her feet and hired a cab, deciding to take her to his place, since she had nowhere else to stay. “Too bad we couldn’t go on that date, eh? ” she whispered sadly, leaning her head against his shoulder. “Who cares. I’m just relieved yer safe an’ sound.” he whispered back, planting a kiss on her forehead. When they arrived, an exhausted Deirdre had dozed off and he had to carry her up to his apartment. “Chivalry’s not dead, folks! ” he heard her mumble jokingly, as he laid her in his bed and tucked her in. He decided to hit the couch, since he was tired himself. He began to dream up his revenge plans for that arsehole Raleigh and his horrid minions!

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