The rabid lab rat

What’s wrong with Martin?
He hummed happily as he fed the lab rats, excited about his date that evening. “Sounds like you’re smitten! ” his sister-in-law teased, overhearing him. He didn’t respond and blushed. “Just keep yer mind on yer work right now, both o’ ya! ” a strict Dr. Wartenberg scolded the chatty duo. “Ow! Martin 2.0’s gettin temperamental! He just bit me! ” Martin yelped all of a sudden, holding his bleeding finger. “Maybe, he hates ya like everyone else! ” Dr. Wartenberg insulted. “No….It’s not that. He’s never bitten me. In fact, I’d say he’d taken quite a shine to me….lil bugger would come scamperin when he saw me durin feedin time….an’ now he just sits there, eerily glarin at me with those beady eyes! ” he recounted, sucking on the tip of his finger to stop the bleeding. “Looks like he’s shedding too. Whoa! Look at all those tiny white hairs on the floor of his enclosure. There seems to be some gooey discharge coming from his eyes and he seems rather jittery and trembly too. Doc, what d’you think is wrong with him? D’you think, maybe it’s Tyzzer’s disease? What if it’s the C. Kutscheri infection? ” a concerned Alice asked, jumping to conclusions as she peered into the enclosure, scared about losing her precious test subject. “I dunno….maybe, Martin’s not feedin im properly.” Dr. Wartenberg comforted her in his gruff voice, at the same time flinging accusations at his favoured target, Martin!  “That’s rubbish an’ I won’t stand for it! He hasn’t been keepin too well ever since ya injected im with that serum though. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but now I’m startin to think yer serum’s at fault ere.” Martin accused the scientists, eyeing them suspiciously. “Perhaps, the dosage was a tad high?” a clueless Alice guessed, with a shrug . “Yer brother-in-law’s only tryin to make us doubt the serum. He’s always had his doubts about that brilliant serum. Just ignore it. I’m sure Martin 2.0’ll be alright. Stop frettin o’er im, he’s only a rat, for chrissakes! ” a busy Dr. Wartenberg reprimanded. The human Martin frowned, before deciding not to give it too much thought. He decided to check on the rat later and turned his attention to his injured finger,washing the blood off under a running tap and covering it with a bandaid before returning to work.

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