Desperate times call for desperate measures….

Not a good idea
“I’m sorry I’m such a burden on ya both…” Matt whispered, staring up at the ceiling with his sorrowful eyes, as the couple turned in for the night. “What….? Honey, you’re not a burden on anyone.” a drowsy Alice assured, rolling onto her side to face him. “No…I am! I can hear the frustration in you an’ Martin’s an’ Naeve’s voices. I just hate bein such a burden….just as much as I hate not bein able to walk again or run again or be that cheerful man ya fell in love with.” he expressed his frustration, shutting his sad eyes as tears dripped from them and ran down his cheeks. “Listen to me….you’re still that man to me. No matter what, kay? ” she reassured, planting a kiss on his wet cheeks, stroking his hair till he fell asleep.
The next day:
“Martin? I’ve been thinkin…” she began to speak her mind, as her brother in law listened intently while he cleaned the rat enclosures. “Ya don’t ever give that brain o’ yers a rest, do ya? ” he teased, flashing her a toothy smile. “I’ve been thinkin of usin the serum on Matt.” she continued. “What?! But, it’s not ready for human use yet. I mean, the FDA hasn’t approved it yet.” he reminded. “No….but, we don’t necessarily need approval, do we? ” she retorted. “I dunno….I mean, we’ve only tested it on Mickey the rat so far….” he began to disagree with her decision. “Martin the rat.” a sharp Dr. Wartenberg corrected, putting on his gloves as he went about dissecting a frog. “Martin 2.0, actually. Martin 1.0 blew up, remember? ” she corrected. “For the last time, I don’t really appreciate ya namin yer lab rats after me! An’ I also won’t have ya treatin my brother as one o’ yer lab rats, kay?! ” he protested. “I made this serum so that every crippled soul could have a chance to walk again….An’ right now, he deserves to walk again! I can’t see him suffer any more, Martin!” she cried out. “An’ I don’t want him to suffer any side effects from this unapproved serum, Alice! Ya dunno the consequences if it doesn’t work! We could end up givin im false hope….” Martin argued. “….or end up paralysing him further, or killin im! It may have worked on the rat, but it’s different for humans an’ we haven’t tested it on any human subjects yet, my dear. I’m afraid there are rules. Until, we’ve got it approved, I’m afraid I can’t let ya go anywhere near that serum.” Dr. Wartenberg agreed with him. “None of you understand the seriousness of the situation! ” she sighed, before leaving the lab angrily. “She’s lettin her emotions cloud her judgement. That’s not a good thing.” Dr. Wartenberg muttered, tsk-tsking as he continued to dissect away, while a concerned Martin followed behind to console her.

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